Monday, September 18, 2006

Philippine Idol Wildcard Night Results and PMSing

I still couldn't believe that Ira didn't get in the final 12. I'm not really happy with the results and I'm about to consider not watching Philippine Idol. I expected either Suey or Ting to be Ira's top competitor for the wildcard slot ( and I really didn't mind if one of them did cause they were equally deserving as Ira ). I was shocked as hell when Stef got in, no offense to Stefs' fans/ family/friends out there who might visit and read this. She has a good voice, I can't argue with that fact, but her overall performance... boring... She picked a great song for her wildcard “Total Eclipse of the Heart” but she didn't give the song justice. Jessica Sierra also sang this song in American Idol 4 (and I still have an mp3 copy of it ) and Stefs' version was a far.. far... far... cry from Jessicas'. Hay dyosmiyo! Mas marami palang bingi na Pilipino! Well at least Mau got in.

I won't be doing recaps anymore, instead I'll just post an active link to Philippine Idol Official website official recaps.
Wildcard Night Performance
Wildcard Results Show

Theres' this guy in PI forums who bashed how "unpretty" my Ira and Mau bookmarker was and that I just probably made it in paint yadah... yadah... and how flat Iras' singing voice. To be exact I posted his message.

book mark b tawag jan? ampanget nga e parang gawa lang sa paint. kung si mau lang mag isa baka tumaas ng 1 level! gawa naman sa corel!
vote for ira! gusto ko pa marinig yung boses nyang laging nafflat! hahaha!

I was about to ignore this but I needed an outlet for my PI Wildcard disappointment, more like rage actually. Mr. YOU-KNOW-WHO, first and foremost it's called a "Signature banner" not a bookmark. Calling it a bookmark and throwing BIG words like paint and corel only exhibits how low you're level of intelligence is with regards to the Internet and technology. I pity you... you shouldn't waste youre' time bashing people around and it wouldn't hurt if you upgrade your brain, the Internet is not just about porn you know... or better yet just play with your action figures you collect them diba...

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Tuesday, September 12, 2006


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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Philippine Idol Girls Semi-Finals Night

The 12 female- idol hopefuls with their respective renditions of the following songs:

  • Abigail GAIL Blanco "Whats Love Got to Do With It" - The song choice was too ambitious. She didn't give justice to a Tina Turner song, she lacked energy. Mr. C "The song was difficult, sadly it ate you up".
  • Christina TIN Otero "Come In from the Rain" - Much better than the 1st performance. FM and Mamita gave liked her rendition. Mr. C on the other hand suggested that Tin under go a makeover, to make her look younger.
  • Rina Lei YNAH Pangan "Halik"- The first OPM song sang. It was an average performance. She did sound kinda like the original but I was hoping that she did her own twist on the song, made it her own instead of "imitating". FM " a courageous effort"
  • Cherry Ann APPLE Chiu "Rhythm of the Street" - She has a deep and rich voice and I am disappointed with song choice. I expected more from her. She made a safe song choice, which didn't showcase her voice. Mr. C "Hindi ko matke yung kanta buti nalang maganda voice mo".
  • Jellica JELI Mateo "Bridges" - Buti nalang maganda siya. Wrong song choice, I was disappointed.
  • IRA Marasigan "Mr. Melody". Sabi ko na nga ba she looks familiar. We were in the same club, "Abbey Music Guild", way back in highschool. Shes' two batches lower than me and if I'm not mistaken she has a twin sister. Grabe! I'm so proud na may Bedan na nakapasok sa Philippine Idol. She left a good impression when she sang "Route 66, Manila audition. During the theater elimination week she lost a little of her spark, but nonetheless her 1st audition out weighed her average theater elimination performance earning her slot in the top 24. Tonight she's back with her classy, upbeat jazzy scatwork rendition of "Mr. Melody". The judges comments: FM "May kultura tong batang to'", Mamita "You've blossomed I hope you make it. Mr. C "I'm so happy you brought class in PI. Ang galing mong maglakad (Ira :"pang beauty pagent po ba?"). VOTE for her guys! especially yung mga taga Benedictine Abbey/St. Benedict College/San Beda Collge Alabang (ilang beses na kase nagpalit-palit ng name ang alma matter natin, pili nalang kau) dyan let's support her! Text IRA to 2339.
  • POW Chavez "Ikaw Lamang" - The 2nd OPM song. She reminds me of Aiza Seguerra and like Aiza shes' rendered a beautiful soulful version of "Ikaw Lamang". Simple yet heartfelt ang pagkanta niya. FM "Mahusay na mangaawit, kelan ka ba magpapalda?" Mamita "Whatever you wear or say, Ilove you Pao!" Mr. C " Plus factor, your voice is full of emotion. Hindi mo na kalain ng gimik, kumanta kaang buboto na ang mga tao". She cried after her performance, because of the positive feedback the audience and judges gave.
  • Stephanie STEF Lazaro "Home" - Nagka hangover pa ako kay Ira and Pow, hindi ako nakaconcentrate kay Stef. She followed a great performance by Pow, which made her performance "forgetable". Mr. C "Sorry, nothing new"
  • Maureen MAU Marcelo "Sweet Love" - Isa pa to! ang galing! The moment she sang the first few phrases, you could instantly tell that she has the "Idol" factor, a great voice! FM "Kahit si Fantasia mapapatiklop mo, you deserve to be in the top 4!" Mamita " I like the way you changed, I like you very much!" Mr. C even asked her why she isn't an international artist yet? She cried and couldn't even speak after Mr. Cs' comment.
  • Erika Jill EJ Bautista "Paalam Na" - Despite her disability she was able to deliver the song pitch perfectly but she lacked something during her performance. Probably it's the intensity of how she sang the song, I just couldn't figure out what is lacking. Mr.C " It's just good enough, nothing spectacular."
  • Yasmin SUEY Medina "Almost Over You" - It was too pitchy. Her voice lacked richness. Sayang.
  • Armarie ARMS Cruz "Superwoman" - All I can remember about Armarie was that she cried a lot! The Davao Eliminations, when his brother auditioned, when she auditioned. During theater eliminations, when her brother wasn't in the top 40, when she was included in the top 40. When she was included in the top 24. She's good but I think she over sang this song. Surprisingly she didn't cry tonight.

I can vouch that the first Philippine idol will be a Female! The girls semi-finals night was far better than the Boys' Semi. I'm glad that Philippine Idol is getting better! Tonight was really exhilarating entertaining to watch. Walang nabatbat ang competition. My top 4 are as follows IRA, MAU, POW and APPLE.

Don't slack off, vote for you favorites! Baka may magcry ng foul nanaman dyan na hindi nakapasok ang mga sa tingin nilang magagaling.


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Switched to Blogger-beta

I'm writing this entry at exactly 3:00 am, Saturday. I just had a bath to wake my senses up, so I could drive properly. I'll be driving my brother to school and he needs to be there by 5:30 am. They'll be watching/cheering a basketball game at some school, last time it was Xavier vs. Zobel, as part of the DLSZ Pep squad. My "makulet" niece is staying with us for the night and shes' currently occupying my bed with my dogs cuddling all over her. They look cute.

I recently switched to blogger-beta. At first, I was hesitant to switch in fear of loosing my entries/blog or I might mix up things but I eventually have to do this so I just went for it. The switch to beta was surprisingly convenient though it requires you to have a gmail account. I was guided thru the whole process, good thing I already have a google account, and in a matter of minutes I received a notice sent in my gmail that my blog was successfully migrated to Blogger beta . At the moment, I'm in the process of labeling my entries so that I could use the new "category/label" feature. I'm having a hard time sorting since I have entries with different topics per entry. I haven't figured out if bloggers' labeling feature also includes subcategories, it would make sorting entries more flexible. Another new feature is the "control who can view my blog" you can choose your readers and or guests can request an invite so that they could view your blog. It's kinda neat to have a little privacy but It would be much better if you could just single-out entries that you preferred not to be read publicly rather than the entire blog not being accessed publicly. Those who use blogger ready made templates won't have to be too concerned with their layout/old template. Upgraded templates are readily available. They added a simple edit blogger template, with its' new click-drag-drop feature. You could also easily add/organize page elements such as pictures, text, lists, labels, feeds, HTML/JavaScript and blogger logo on the side bar.

A main concern for those who still like to use their old template (your own non-blogger templates) is how can you use some of the new features, ex. Labels, and still use you own template. I did a few search and found a good article explaining how to add-categories-to-your-sidebar. There is also a problem with "comments". Users who have not switched to Blogger in beta will not be able to login to comment on blogs that have been switched. Commenting using the “anonymous" or “other” options will still work. After switching you can’t post comments on an unswitched blog. Blogger beta still has glitches which can be viewed here, Known Issues.


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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Storm Large: Ladylike

I think Toby Rand, let me correct myself... Toby Rand is Supernovas' lead singer. It's too obvious not to notice especially with his week 10 performance. He is consistent with his performance, though he was sent to bottom three but JD Fortune had his fair share at the bottom and now look where he is at. He offers creativity and young spunk to Supernova. I'm not a fan of Toby but his original song "Throw it Away" was really good, Oh o Oh o Oh O. Supernova sent Storm packing, just like Ryan Starr she's better off as a solo artist. I'm so lovin' the original song Storm sang "Ladylike". If this is the kind of music she'll be making just give it some time and she'd be Storm XXX Large!. Her website Storm Large crashed due to the humongous traffic it's been receiving. Good thing I visited the site a few hours before it crashed, I got the lyrics to "Ladylike" r-rated version. You can listen to both r-rated and clean version on Storm Large MySpace. I actually prefer the R-version. I've updated my Rockstar Supernova Mp3 files, just click here.


I'm sorry about your girl
Little center of the universe
Axis turns the world
And you need a jet to get to her
Oh, the way she moves, attracts all kinds of focus
From all over the room
She smokes, not ladylike. She's not ladylike

Mister, mister, big and tall
You take the world and spin it
You don't fuck around at all, no
You're in it, to win it
Then you can get the gold
And you go make some more
So you can win the girl
Cuz baby that's who you've been working for

She's big and she's proud
And she knows what the world is about

Hey, what the fuck is ladylike
If ladies like to do what the fuck they like
Just like you, yeah. Just like you.
Look out man here comes another one
Hey, what the fuck is ladylike
If ladies like to do what the fuck they like
Just like you, yeah. Just like you.
Look out man here comes another one

Dododo... Yeah yeah....
Well I'm so sorry about your wife
She's up and off and running
Going on with her own life
Word to your mother
She's stunning
And there's a part of you
That's just a little scared of her
Axis turns the world
And you need a jet to get to her

She's great and she knows
How to wear the pants
And the rest of your clothes

What the fuck is ladylike
If ladies like to do what the fuck they like
Just like you, yeah. Just like you
Look out man here comes another one
What the fuck is ladylike
If ladies like to do what the fuck they like
Just like you, yeah. Just like you
Look out man here comes another one

On my knees or on all fours
From underneath
Hear me roar

What the fuck is ladylike
If ladies like to do what the fuck they like
Just like you, yeah. Just like you
Look out man here comes
What the fuck is ladylike
If ladies like to do what the fuck they like
Just like you, yeah. Just like you
Look out man here comes

What the fuck is Ladylike!?
What the fuck is Ladylike!?
What the fuck is Ladylike!?
What the fuck is Ladylike!?
What the fuck is Ladylike!?
What the fuck is Ladylike!?
What the fuck is Ladylike!?

Listen to the full version

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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Philippine Idol Boys Semi-Finals: Result Night

The top 12 Male contestants sang "Your on The Right Track" as an opening number. Ryan announced that Philippine Idol broke the Asian record of 300,000 votes as well as unveiling the newest host of the 30 min week day "I Love Philippine Idol" formerly known as Idol Exclusive. I think getting heart was a good choice, considering that she doesn't have any current shows/projects in ABS. The judges were asked to give their top 4. Mamita declined and gave a safe answer, "I like them all!". FM and Mr. C had the same top 4 namely Dre, Gian, Ramirr and Robert.

The 12 were divided into two groups:

Group A: Freddie, Robert, Ken, Onyx, Christian and Joseph
Group B: Miguel, Ramirr, Dre, Reymond, Gian and John

Group A didn't make it and were asked to take a seat, leaving Group B with the top 4. Miguel and Dre were asked to step forward. They were both in the top 4 and automatically in the finals. Reymond and Gian were next. Gian (audience were shocked) was asked to take a seat and Reymond will be joining the top 4. Lastly, Ramir and Jan (I was actually expecting Ramirr to be in the top 4 since the judges showered him with praises last night) Jan is in the top 4 and Ramirr joined the wild card group. Ramirr looked confident before the announcement and the sudden change in his facial expression, maybe of shock, was too obvious to be missed out).


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Philippine Idol: On the right track.

My siblings and I enjoyed watching last nights' show. The set was amazing. The band, led by Mr. Mel Villena, was great . The interaction between Ryan Agoncillo and the judges, Mamita Pilita Corales in particular, made the atmosphere light and engaging. The show wasn't exactly a walk in the park. There were a couple of slip-ups such as poor audio quality. There were instances that the band would overpower the singers' voice. The missing mic audio, Reymond Sajor's mic to be exact. Some of the judges weren't able to give concrete constructive criticism (Oh how I miss Mr. Cowell). The judges tried not to be too hard on their comments, good thing Mr. C couldn't resist blurting out a couple of frank remarks. Nevertheless, Philippine Idol is on the right track.

The 12 Male idol hopefuls with their respective renditions of the following songs:

  • Freddie Cabael "Macho Gwapito" - An upbeat yet forgettable performance, his forte is "RnB" so I was surprised by his song choice. He should have chosen a more "competitive song" considering what is at stake is a sure slot in the finals.
  • Robert Bernadas "Take A Look Inside My Heart" - Buti nalang maganda dimples niya at natandaan ko siya. Good voice quality, dubbed by Mr. C as his bet.
  • Ken Dingle "More Today Than Yesterday" - I was reminded by the "Ayala Mall Commercial". They used this song as part of their jingle. His performance was not that impressive, the band kinda overpowered his voice.
  • Drae Ybanez "What You Won't Do For Love" - Dubbed by Mr. C as Spiderman look-a-like. It was just O-K-A-Y, no wow factor.
  • Onyx Culala "Windmills of Your Mind" - He does have a good deep voice but his performance was too up-tight and boring.
  • Gian Carlo Magdangal "Footloose" - A lot of girls and gays cheered during his performance since he was kinda cute. According to mamita he has the total package.
  • Ramirr Grepo "Bed of Roses" - "Aprilboy is that you?" Hahaha he sounded a little like Aprilboy maybe it's because of the hair -connect- and if I squirt my eyes a little more, he looks a little like Robin Padilla. He is the only rocker idol on the show. He was okay, but his last note sounded a little off. Mr. FMs' bet for this season. Ms. Pilita even pulled out a Paula Abdul, when she stood up and claimed "I Love You!" (Hmmm.... I automatically looked at what she was drinking...)
  • Miguel Mendoza III "Highways of My Life" - Wrong song choice! He should have picked a more "pop/familiar song" but since he is my brothers' schoolmate I'll vote for him. According to my little bro, Miguel is a member of a choral group in zobel and frequently performed during school events/concerts.
  • Reymond Sajor "Tell Her About It" - In the middle of his performance his microphone conked out hence he had to sing his song twice. Mr. C "You went to hell but you rose up, Bongga ka!"
  • Joseph Astor "Why Can't It Be" - This guy looks like Sam Milby and Piolo Pascual but at the same time sound like Gary V. What a combination! He has certain Sam and Piolo angles. Now some of you might check out his photo at Philippine idols official website and think that I should get my eyes checked. Well the photo they posted was so not what I saw during the semi-final show. I know those who watched the show can vouch this observation.
  • Christian Masaga "Have I Told You Lately" - parang OA ang pagkanta niya
  • Jan Kurt Nieto "Bridge Over Troubled Water" - sayang pumiyok siya, pwede na sana. (I reviewed the youtube video, and pricisely between 1:59-2:07 mins parang sumabit yung "troubled" niya, you be the judge nalang may violent reactions kase. Buti nalang I moderate my comments -belat-).

Overall, all of them have good quality voices and no doubt they deserve to be in the top 24. The first Philippine Idol, as stressed by the judges, should have the total package. It's not enough that they have a good voice, they should be able to charm/captivate the audience and have that WoW factor.


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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Rockstar, VMAs, Chillin' Out

The "Dark Horse" Ryan Starr has fallen, leaving Dilana, Toby, Magni, Lukas and Storm for Rockstar Supernovas' coveted frontman position. Based on the forums and polls made,I actually expected Storm to go. Watching Ryan perform week after week he showed great improvement, It's sad to see Ryan leave but he is better off as a solo artist. I've updated Rockstar Supernova Mp3's just click here.

I'm currently watching the full coverage of Video Music Awards '06 via MTV's Official website while guzzling my tall glass of Lipton red tea ( my current addiction) with extra-extra ice. I wasn't able to watch it on the telly (if it was aired locally, I don't know). I might pull an all nighter until I finish this. Shakira's performance was hot. Kelly Clarkson won "Best Female Video" for "Because Of You" but she wasn't there to recieve the award, too bad. Pink won Best Pop video for "Stupid Girl". Ironic, Nicole Ritchie presented the award and Pink was like making her Paris impersonation. You gotta love Pink ;)

Speaking of hot, the current humid weather here in Manila has been running for about a week now. Even if you turn-on the aircon it still feels icky. Selfish at it may seem, I wish it was raining even though most parts of the metro would be flooded even after a short pour.

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