Sunday, September 03, 2006

Philippine Idol Boys Semi-Finals: Result Night

The top 12 Male contestants sang "Your on The Right Track" as an opening number. Ryan announced that Philippine Idol broke the Asian record of 300,000 votes as well as unveiling the newest host of the 30 min week day "I Love Philippine Idol" formerly known as Idol Exclusive. I think getting heart was a good choice, considering that she doesn't have any current shows/projects in ABS. The judges were asked to give their top 4. Mamita declined and gave a safe answer, "I like them all!". FM and Mr. C had the same top 4 namely Dre, Gian, Ramirr and Robert.

The 12 were divided into two groups:

Group A: Freddie, Robert, Ken, Onyx, Christian and Joseph
Group B: Miguel, Ramirr, Dre, Reymond, Gian and John

Group A didn't make it and were asked to take a seat, leaving Group B with the top 4. Miguel and Dre were asked to step forward. They were both in the top 4 and automatically in the finals. Reymond and Gian were next. Gian (audience were shocked) was asked to take a seat and Reymond will be joining the top 4. Lastly, Ramir and Jan (I was actually expecting Ramirr to be in the top 4 since the judges showered him with praises last night) Jan is in the top 4 and Ramirr joined the wild card group. Ramirr looked confident before the announcement and the sudden change in his facial expression, maybe of shock, was too obvious to be missed out).


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