Sunday, September 03, 2006

Philippine Idol: On the right track.

My siblings and I enjoyed watching last nights' show. The set was amazing. The band, led by Mr. Mel Villena, was great . The interaction between Ryan Agoncillo and the judges, Mamita Pilita Corales in particular, made the atmosphere light and engaging. The show wasn't exactly a walk in the park. There were a couple of slip-ups such as poor audio quality. There were instances that the band would overpower the singers' voice. The missing mic audio, Reymond Sajor's mic to be exact. Some of the judges weren't able to give concrete constructive criticism (Oh how I miss Mr. Cowell). The judges tried not to be too hard on their comments, good thing Mr. C couldn't resist blurting out a couple of frank remarks. Nevertheless, Philippine Idol is on the right track.

The 12 Male idol hopefuls with their respective renditions of the following songs:

Overall, all of them have good quality voices and no doubt they deserve to be in the top 24. The first Philippine Idol, as stressed by the judges, should have the total package. It's not enough that they have a good voice, they should be able to charm/captivate the audience and have that WoW factor.


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