Monday, September 18, 2006

Philippine Idol Wildcard Night Results and PMSing

I still couldn't believe that Ira didn't get in the final 12. I'm not really happy with the results and I'm about to consider not watching Philippine Idol. I expected either Suey or Ting to be Ira's top competitor for the wildcard slot ( and I really didn't mind if one of them did cause they were equally deserving as Ira ). I was shocked as hell when Stef got in, no offense to Stefs' fans/ family/friends out there who might visit and read this. She has a good voice, I can't argue with that fact, but her overall performance... boring... She picked a great song for her wildcard “Total Eclipse of the Heart” but she didn't give the song justice. Jessica Sierra also sang this song in American Idol 4 (and I still have an mp3 copy of it ) and Stefs' version was a far.. far... far... cry from Jessicas'. Hay dyosmiyo! Mas marami palang bingi na Pilipino! Well at least Mau got in.

I won't be doing recaps anymore, instead I'll just post an active link to Philippine Idol Official website official recaps.
Wildcard Night Performance
Wildcard Results Show

Theres' this guy in PI forums who bashed how "unpretty" my Ira and Mau bookmarker was and that I just probably made it in paint yadah... yadah... and how flat Iras' singing voice. To be exact I posted his message.

book mark b tawag jan? ampanget nga e parang gawa lang sa paint. kung si mau lang mag isa baka tumaas ng 1 level! gawa naman sa corel!
vote for ira! gusto ko pa marinig yung boses nyang laging nafflat! hahaha!

I was about to ignore this but I needed an outlet for my PI Wildcard disappointment, more like rage actually. Mr. YOU-KNOW-WHO, first and foremost it's called a "Signature banner" not a bookmark. Calling it a bookmark and throwing BIG words like paint and corel only exhibits how low you're level of intelligence is with regards to the Internet and technology. I pity you... you shouldn't waste youre' time bashing people around and it wouldn't hurt if you upgrade your brain, the Internet is not just about porn you know... or better yet just play with your action figures you collect them diba...

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