Thursday, October 26, 2006

Vote for my Lil' Brother!

Juan, my lil' brother, plays the flute in the school orchestra. Earlier this year my dad attended one of my brothers' school concert. Because of the nature of his job he rarely gets to attend school functions (including graduation) thus he was really excited and enthusiastic about it. After watching he made a remark/request that my brother should also perform and sing in the concert aside from playing his flute. We as a family enjoy music, and have bonding karaoke sessions for fun. My brother can carry a few tunes but he lacks something... so I encouraged him to enroll at Center for Pop Music Philippines(CPMP), just for fun and as a summer activity.

After finishing level one at CPMP, he surprised everybody during his recital. He was confident on stage and his voice was like "WOW" I just can't believe that he has improved a lot. While some of his peers forgot steps, lyrics of the song he just glided smoothly thru the recital.

A few weeks after the recital, Mama sent an email about an upcoming singing contest sponsored by FAME and Smart Link . We all encouraged him to join or at least audition for the contest, wala namang mawawala kung i-try niya. To make the long story short, Juan passed the auditions and my dads' request "to see my brother perform on stage" is finally within reach. The grand finals would be held at CCPs' Aliw theater on 09 November 2006 hosted by Paolo Bediones and Ruffa mae Quinto.

The contest has a "texters choice catergory" though I'm known for being a very lazy texter, I prefer calls than text, I'll make an exemption and vote for my brother.

If by any chance you're a SMART subscriber, PLEASE vote for my lil' brother (okay so he is almost 6ft.) by texting "LINK Juan" and send to 299 per text costs PHP 2.50

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