Thursday, November 30, 2006

Keeping It Really Short

I managed to squeeze in a short post this morning, I'm quite busy lately hence absence of posts. I miss my blog and I miss writing sensible entries.

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Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Pacman devours Terrible

Three amazing rounds from two of the greatest warriors.

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What is your Bloginality

My Bloginality is ISTP!!!

As an ISTP, you are Intraverted, Sensing, Thinking, Perceiving.
This makes your primary focus on Introverted Thinking with Extraverted Sensing

This is defined as a SP personality, which is part of Carl Jung's Artisans (Sensation Seeking) type, and more specifically the Crafters or Mechanics.

Because of your desire for action and independance, you will change the format of blogging or design frequently to keep it interesting and different. Your loyalty may have you reading the same blogs over a long period of time. Even though you could be easily bored with blogging, you might find that because you like following a project through, this is a good way for you to use your alone time to sort the facts you pick up through the day.


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Friday, November 17, 2006

Goodbye Ernie and Jeena

They are my favorite Amazing Race Asia Pinoy Team. I still can't believe it... Currently watching the re-run, pathetic as it may seem, I was still hoping that it was just a bad dream that I had and Ernie and Jeena is still in the race. I really thought that they could at least be at the final 3. Taking the fast-forward was a big risk and huge mistake. I'm so disappointed but this only proves how AR is so unpredictable that even Nostradamus would miss on his predictions.

Aubrey and Jackie are still in the race. They were the sixth team to reach the pit stop. I really don't like Aubrey, nothing personal really... It's just that I had an unfortunate chance of watching a short part of the "Sanib" on Cinema One. Every time I look at her, I could still imagine her in her exorcist form. Oh let me correct myself "not imagining" she still looks possessed.


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Friday, November 10, 2006

Texters' Choice and Panic Attacks

Yesterday was a very busy day for all of us at home. My mom woke up early and started her day in panic mode. Aside from my brothers' contest, she has an important meeting/audit at work. Good thing ( was it?!? ) I was already up doing my morning routine. I witnessed how my mom literally went about, "checking - rechecking - asking me to check - recheck and again asking me to check" tickets... my brothers' schedule, outfit and accessories... relatives watching... budget the money for gas, food and alike. My lil bros' rehearsal was at 1pm and my mom was stressing out as early as 6:30 in the morning. She left me in charge, she stressed that I made sure everything was complete and on schedule. Typical mama, panic first rather than thinking constructively/actually doing the deed. Sometimes I feel like my moms' secretary, the way she makes you feel that you should deliver results at command. Shes' the boss at work as well as at home.

Moving on... ( before this entry turn into something else... )

Though he didn't place in the singing contest, my brother won "Singfarers Texters' Choice". He brought home cash prizes, gift packs, a brand new Zellyphone and a plaque.

Remarks made by the judges "he exudes confidence on stage". He really enjoyed performing and was really proud how his hands didn't shake on stage. He was not nervous at all.

He was supposed to join "La Salle Idol" in Zobel but the auditions were held on the days he had to attend to Singfarers' rehearsals.Well at least he gets to relax after the contest. He's currently enrolled in Center For Pop Music Philippines Level 2 and we can't wait to attend his recitals/shows and surprise us again.


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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Natural Occurence

Just woke up and couldn't get back to sleep.

My dad is already here! Actually he arrived last week, Thursday 02 November 2006. If you've read my blog in the past you probably noticed the natural occurrence of this "event". I've probably blogged about how we all hustle and bustle around in preparation for "the day" and the fact that something (an appliance, car, water tank and alike) gets broken a few days before he arrives.

This year was no exemption, the dvd player in my room is broken (it couldn't read dvds, vcds nor cds) and our refrigerator sparked and almost caught on fire the night before he arrived. My sister, I and the dogs weren't at home when this happened. We just received a call from my brother asking us to buy packs of ice cause the fridge is broken. Good thing everybody was safe and the small fire was extinguished quickly.

My dad is very excited about my brothers' upcoming singing contest, as well as enjoying the kulets' ( yes we are talking about our puppies Gabby and Mikey).


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