Friday, November 17, 2006

Goodbye Ernie and Jeena

They are my favorite Amazing Race Asia Pinoy Team. I still can't believe it... Currently watching the re-run, pathetic as it may seem, I was still hoping that it was just a bad dream that I had and Ernie and Jeena is still in the race. I really thought that they could at least be at the final 3. Taking the fast-forward was a big risk and huge mistake. I'm so disappointed but this only proves how AR is so unpredictable that even Nostradamus would miss on his predictions.

Aubrey and Jackie are still in the race. They were the sixth team to reach the pit stop. I really don't like Aubrey, nothing personal really... It's just that I had an unfortunate chance of watching a short part of the "Sanib" on Cinema One. Every time I look at her, I could still imagine her in her exorcist form. Oh let me correct myself "not imagining" she still looks possessed.


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