Friday, November 10, 2006

Texters' Choice and Panic Attacks

Yesterday was a very busy day for all of us at home. My mom woke up early and started her day in panic mode. Aside from my brothers' contest, she has an important meeting/audit at work. Good thing ( was it?!? ) I was already up doing my morning routine. I witnessed how my mom literally went about, "checking - rechecking - asking me to check - recheck and again asking me to check" tickets... my brothers' schedule, outfit and accessories... relatives watching... budget the money for gas, food and alike. My lil bros' rehearsal was at 1pm and my mom was stressing out as early as 6:30 in the morning. She left me in charge, she stressed that I made sure everything was complete and on schedule. Typical mama, panic first rather than thinking constructively/actually doing the deed. Sometimes I feel like my moms' secretary, the way she makes you feel that you should deliver results at command. Shes' the boss at work as well as at home.

Moving on... ( before this entry turn into something else... )

Though he didn't place in the singing contest, my brother won "Singfarers Texters' Choice". He brought home cash prizes, gift packs, a brand new Zellyphone and a plaque.

Remarks made by the judges "he exudes confidence on stage". He really enjoyed performing and was really proud how his hands didn't shake on stage. He was not nervous at all.

He was supposed to join "La Salle Idol" in Zobel but the auditions were held on the days he had to attend to Singfarers' rehearsals.Well at least he gets to relax after the contest. He's currently enrolled in Center For Pop Music Philippines Level 2 and we can't wait to attend his recitals/shows and surprise us again.


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