Wednesday, January 17, 2007

American Idol Season 6

American Idol Season 6 is a few hours away from its premier episode. I’m ecstatic and excited that FINALLY I get to watch another season of AI. Though I’m glad that Mau Marcelo won the first Philippine Idol, I grew apathetic watching the show. In the event that ABC 5 would have a second season I hope they make sure that they reviewed the first season and make necessary improvements on the show. To be honest, it’s not solely ABC 5’s fault that the first Philippine Idol season fell short compared to its American version. Amidst the network wars, the Filipino viewers were not ready for Philippine Idol. The concept “Vote for your Idol, the one who gets more votes win” is simple as that. As much as I want to expound this further “Filipino viewers’ not ready”, I’m too lazy to be bothered with recalling the issues. Hay ang pinoy nga naman, well there’s still hope for PI season 2.

Basta I’m super excited to watch AI, mas ganado ako manuod.

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