Friday, May 25, 2007

I don't know how to start this entry but here goes nothing.

17th May 2007 Thursday

At home, we were all busy cleaning the house in preparation for Papas' arrival. I was taking a short PSP break when I heard the phone rang. I went outside my room to pick up the phone, I looked around only to see my Tita crying. She was talking in Ilonggo and was on her mobile phone. I instantly froze and knew that something was wrong. Trying to prepare myself, faces of people dearest to me flashed in my head. I knew that once I pick up the phone I'd soon find out what I feared to be unfortunate news.

I answered the phone and my cousin was on the other line, she was crying aloud "Patay na si Tito Ernie, nabaril!"

My uncle was shot three times in the chest by a retired military man. There is an existing gun ban due to the elections here in the Philippines, I hope they take note of that. The case is on going so I think that I can't discuss the details. I never imagined that this would happen to our family.

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