Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tomato Head

Lately I've been seeing my dermatologist about my recurring skin allergies. It started when I was in high school. Came back after I had my first job and a few weeks ago for some reason it came back again, worse than ever.

It didn't really help that the elevators at AHMC have mirror like walls. Seeing myself, I was red as a tomato that I had to wear sunglasses to shamelessly cover up my face, in hopes that no body would notice them (yeah right!?!). I still have this instant replay of how my doctor reacted when I took my glasses off and saw the tomato. Her face was like a gif avatar I could use, replayed over and over.

Initial recommendation was to see an Allergy Doctor and take an allergy test to know once and for all what triggers this allergic reaction. She gave me a number of topical creams to be applied and 10 days to take iterax. After a week of religiously applying the medication she gave me, I came back just this morning for my checkup. She was surprised to see that my face has cleared up quickly leaving no trace of the allergies and a far cry from what she saw a week ago. She gave me the option whether I'd continue to see the allergy doctor and take the test which costs Php5000++. I'm considering taking it probably before the year ends.

It's really hard to find a good honest dermatologist. I have gone thru four different one all through out my lifetime and it would be nice if I could stick to one good one.


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