Friday, February 29, 2008

American Idol: The Seventies Night

This 70's week eliminations made a buzz, talented hopefuls leaving to early. OMG! Two of my favorites were called in the bottom 2 Alaina and Kady. It seemed that Kady has already prepared to go and then America pulls in a shocker... Alaina Whitaker is going home. I'm really sad that she had to go, based on last week she was doin fine. I guess Kady has a more strong fan based established. I also wasn't expecting Alexandrea Lushington... I actually thought it will be Overmyer.

Jason Yeager is the first to boot... It's about time. Luke and Robbie bottom two, Robbie goes home and I don't care.

The Best Performances of 70's Night

The stand out of the male 70's night was David Archuleta with his rendition of "Imagine". Lennon song, the dimmed lights, spotlight, great voice and undeniable charisma = Successful formula. Though it's a little bit early my fearless forecast David Archuleta might pull a Carrie Underwood (A Carrie? what the hell are you talking about?). What do I mean by pulling a Carrie? Last Season 4, it felt like they were buttering up Carrie which made her the obvious winner "the must choose". Then AI still had no Country Idol and a Carrie Underwood came along. I'm not saying that Carrie was a "plant" nor she cheated, they (Simon especially) kinda persuaded and sway the crowd or rather the viewers to choose Carrie by giving extra magic or *umph* (Simon almost declaring her the winner with his every comment after a performance, extra airtime etc.)

The stand out of the female 70's night one of my female favorites, Brooke White made an excellent music choice with "You're so Vain". If last week she did a great cover of Happy Together this weeks song choice was just amazing! I heart Brooke!

Recovery, sickness, wrong song choices, guitar performances, unexpected exits and magical performances. Sums up this weeks 70's night cant wait for AI next week.

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Friday, February 22, 2008

American Idol 7: The Sixties Night

AI proclaims that this season has the best talent ever, since the contestants are more in tuned to being "real" and have their own original styles.This weeks theme is the 60s music.

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

The top 12 male is the 1st group to perform. This episode had mispronounced names and wordys, Simon squabbling about Paulas' colors, a cameo appearance of Ellen Degene... oh my bad it was just Colton *squints... squints again really hard*, some of them "just got it" and sparkled while some were given their much needed airtime.

My male favorites since auditions never failed to impress me with their respective performances. As long as it's natural, I don't mind the accent. Michael Johns oozing with charisma rendered his version of "Light my Fire". Although I favored his "Bohemian Rhapsody" in Hollywood week tonights performance was effortless. David Cook delivered a great cover of "Happy together" which made him up a notch on Simon's standards "making it almost believable". David Archuleta sang "Shop Around" and it was just an okay performance. I was expecting more from him, can't help but compare his rendition of "Heaven" during the Hollywood week.

Some of those who got their much needed airtime used it wisely and left an impression while others were just bordering okay to boring. Jason Yeagers' kinda cute but his performance was just *yawn*. Garrett Haley two words hair-cut. Jason Castro and his
rendition of "Daydream" comes in a blend of Paula's' favorite colors earning praises from Simon dubbing him 2nd top performer of the night.

To sum up top 12 Male 60's night, All of them have the talent, the voice it just boils down to choosing the right song and being confident on stage.

Thursday, 21 February 2008

The top 12 girls are on the spotlight. I think they have a bit advantage or a hint on what the judges were looking for in a performance, based on the comments that were given when the boys performed. There were no cameo appearances but the flu and bronchitis shadowed some of the girls.

My female favorites since auditions were Brooke White, Kady Malloy and Ramiele Malubay (Pinay Pride!). Brooke White sang "Happy Together" which I think suits her well, especially with her "aura". Though she's my favorite I'm not buying her no R-rated movie policy. The song she choose was also performed by a male favorite David Cook. She brought her own style to the song and can't really be compared to Cooks version. I liked her performance but I think she could be better. Kady Malloy sang "Groovy Kind of Love" I like the tone of her voice and she fairly did the song justice but this wasn't her best. I hope she makes it through and prove them wrong. I so love her Britney impersonations, you know I'm a big Brit fan despite the struggles she is going thru.... (nowadays, who ain't got them?) Pinay Pride! and Loving the hairstyle... Ramiele Malubay sang one of Lani Mesaluchas signature song "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me" I was happy with her performance she didn't over did it (which is the usual trend here in the Philippines, yung birit exaggerated) I think she's better than JasmineTrias.

I've added a new favorite idol hopeful on my list, Alaina Whitaker the youngest this season. When I saw her at auditions I didn't like her but with her version of “More Today Than Yesterday” (I don't know the title I just called it the Ayala Mall Jingle) which Chakuzi... Chekizie also sang during top 12 male night. Alainas' version was much better.

After her performance, Amy Davis I've got a gut feeling she is going home her looks won't save her. I'm actually convinced that there were others who auditioned who deserved the final 24 slot than her.

To sum up the top 12 female night, a number of them were actually good like Alexandrea Lushington “Spinning Wheel”, Asiah Amperson “Take Another Piece of My Heart” and Amanda Overmyer “Baby, Please Don’t Go” (love the attitude and style but I don't think she'll win AI).

Friday, 22 February 2008

Elimination Night

Just got home freshened-up and I'm currently watching the elimination night thru a torrent I downloaded. They will be eliminating the 4 lowest, 2 from each group. Cool they showed the "behind the scenes video". I love Daughterys' song. If you want to hear the full song "What About Now" I included it to my updated sidebar Soundtrack area and there are a couple of my favorite songs from former AI seasons as well.

Going back to elimination night. In the spirit of the 60's theme the top 24 performed a medley of songs. The guys are first on the chopping block. A short recap of their performance night and just like that... Garrett Haley gets cut.

The girls are next and as predicted Amy Davis gets cut. No surprise there.

Video world premiere of "Dance like theirs No Tomorrow". Simon and Ryan has a cameo appearance at the end of the video. Wow, Paula still got it (with the help of 15 electric fans). As Ryan hold an electric fan at Paula's side, they try to re-enact a part of the video "recreation" as Randy calls it was hilarious!

Back to the results, Amanda and Joanne are called on stage. Ryan just announced that the remaining girls are safe. Break.

Amanda is safe. Joanne Borgella gets cut.

Ryan calls Chikezie and Colton. Lights are dimmed. Between the two, hoping it's Colton...

Colton indeed gets the cut.

Ryan asks Paula for advice and Paula gives words of encouragement. Colton sighs in relief not expecting that the words of wisdom that Mr. Cowell is about to impart is like squeezing a calamansi on a fresh wound.

I would say get a good job and then seriously and enjoy singing cause I don't think you'll make a successful career out of it. No I don't... - Simon Cowell

Simon is extra feisty... There's one from Simon's Compilation of Must Say Comments. I actually thought Colton would pass but brave young man still sang his last AI song. AI has executed the eliminations quite well. Suspense, drama and tough love coming from Simon a very entertaining week. Last years' season wasn't as exciting and talent was somewhat limited. Here's hoping for more this season, can't wait till next week.

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Friday, February 15, 2008

American Idol 7 Top 24

1. Carly Smithson 24
2. David Cook 25
3. Amanda Overmyer 23
4. David Archuleta 17
5. Christy Lee Cook 24
6. Brooke White 24
7. Danny Noriega 18
8. Jason Castro 20
9. Luke Menard 29
10. Alexandrea Lushington 17
11. Ramiele Malubay 20
12. Michael Johns 29
13. Syesha Mercado 21
14. Robbie Carrico 26
15. Garrett Haley 17
16. Kady Malloy 18
17. Chikezie Eze 22
18. Amy Davis 25
19. Alaina Whitaker 16
20. Jason Yeager 28
21. Asia'h Epperson u 19
22. David Hernandez 24
23. Colton Berry 18
24. Joanne Borgella 25

The list is arranged according to the top 24 as presented in the show and their respective auditions. I quite don't understand why some of those who are in the top 24 auditions haven't been aired. We all know that the auditions have an impact especially in forming an early fan base. Well for those unfortunate few, next weeks' episode is their first "air time", either a make or brake. Till then my favorite list is on hold.

There a lot of controversies regarding a number of those who were included in this season 7 top 24. You could read them in detail at "The Truth About the Contestants of American Idol 7"

If you haven't visited the official AI website, I suggest you check it out and view the amazing photoshoot they made for the top 24. It was a refreshing take vis a vis the usual pictures they post in their website. You might also want to checkout some videos they made. I love the Behind the scenes video, its awesome! At first it kinda reminded me of Backstreet Boys video they made the one with the airplane at the back but it turned out great, especially with Chris Daugherty's "What About Now" song. It fits the vibe of what was about to come or happen to these 24 talented beings. What about now Top 24 show us what you got...


The strike has come to an end, thank God! Now we could all get back to normal and have updated TV series.

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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Tid bits

Just woke up and it's about time I do an update...

A few days ago I just finished Resident Evil 4. Playing R4 with Wii made the whole gaming experience refreshing and action filled, literally. Using the Wii remote and the nunchuck made my aim more precise and easily handle Leon's movements. At the middle part of the game, the zombies evolve and shooting them directly on the head just releases the tentacles instead of instantly killing them. I can't recall if the previous versions had them evolving zombies. Now that I finished the main plot, I'm still left with bonus or extra features but I'm eying on buying the unlimited rocket launcher which will hold me back 1M Pesetas.


I hope the strike would end soon I miss my tv series... Heroes, Ugly Betty, Desperate Housewives, Gossip Girl, How I met your Mother ... Most of them were cut short leaving us viewers wanting more.

American Idol is back! I'd be posting my favorites at the end of the auditions phase. I barely get to watch this show on time, thanks to torrents I could DL them and watch during my free time.


Last night I was able to watch the animated film Happy Feet thru HBO. A particular scene struck me the most. Mumble was captured and placed in a glass cage with other penguins he was trying to communicate with the "aliens" asking them to stop taking their fish. Days turned to weeks, weeks into months. When he was about to give up and get accustomed to living in a fish bowl his family (thru an illusion) reminded him of his purpose.

Watching Mumbo stuck inside the glass cage made me feel terrible and to just imagine an actual creature in the same circumstance. I made a decision, I will not participate in any activity which involves creatures caged in a made up habitat as form of entertainment.

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