Friday, February 15, 2008

American Idol 7 Top 24

1. Carly Smithson 24
2. David Cook 25
3. Amanda Overmyer 23
4. David Archuleta 17
5. Christy Lee Cook 24
6. Brooke White 24
7. Danny Noriega 18
8. Jason Castro 20
9. Luke Menard 29
10. Alexandrea Lushington 17
11. Ramiele Malubay 20
12. Michael Johns 29
13. Syesha Mercado 21
14. Robbie Carrico 26
15. Garrett Haley 17
16. Kady Malloy 18
17. Chikezie Eze 22
18. Amy Davis 25
19. Alaina Whitaker 16
20. Jason Yeager 28
21. Asia'h Epperson u 19
22. David Hernandez 24
23. Colton Berry 18
24. Joanne Borgella 25

The list is arranged according to the top 24 as presented in the show and their respective auditions. I quite don't understand why some of those who are in the top 24 auditions haven't been aired. We all know that the auditions have an impact especially in forming an early fan base. Well for those unfortunate few, next weeks' episode is their first "air time", either a make or brake. Till then my favorite list is on hold.

There a lot of controversies regarding a number of those who were included in this season 7 top 24. You could read them in detail at "The Truth About the Contestants of American Idol 7"

If you haven't visited the official AI website, I suggest you check it out and view the amazing photoshoot they made for the top 24. It was a refreshing take vis a vis the usual pictures they post in their website. You might also want to checkout some videos they made. I love the Behind the scenes video, its awesome! At first it kinda reminded me of Backstreet Boys video they made the one with the airplane at the back but it turned out great, especially with Chris Daugherty's "What About Now" song. It fits the vibe of what was about to come or happen to these 24 talented beings. What about now Top 24 show us what you got...


The strike has come to an end, thank God! Now we could all get back to normal and have updated TV series.

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