Friday, February 29, 2008

American Idol: The Seventies Night

This 70's week eliminations made a buzz, talented hopefuls leaving to early. OMG! Two of my favorites were called in the bottom 2 Alaina and Kady. It seemed that Kady has already prepared to go and then America pulls in a shocker... Alaina Whitaker is going home. I'm really sad that she had to go, based on last week she was doin fine. I guess Kady has a more strong fan based established. I also wasn't expecting Alexandrea Lushington... I actually thought it will be Overmyer.

Jason Yeager is the first to boot... It's about time. Luke and Robbie bottom two, Robbie goes home and I don't care.

The Best Performances of 70's Night

The stand out of the male 70's night was David Archuleta with his rendition of "Imagine". Lennon song, the dimmed lights, spotlight, great voice and undeniable charisma = Successful formula. Though it's a little bit early my fearless forecast David Archuleta might pull a Carrie Underwood (A Carrie? what the hell are you talking about?). What do I mean by pulling a Carrie? Last Season 4, it felt like they were buttering up Carrie which made her the obvious winner "the must choose". Then AI still had no Country Idol and a Carrie Underwood came along. I'm not saying that Carrie was a "plant" nor she cheated, they (Simon especially) kinda persuaded and sway the crowd or rather the viewers to choose Carrie by giving extra magic or *umph* (Simon almost declaring her the winner with his every comment after a performance, extra airtime etc.)

The stand out of the female 70's night one of my female favorites, Brooke White made an excellent music choice with "You're so Vain". If last week she did a great cover of Happy Together this weeks song choice was just amazing! I heart Brooke!

Recovery, sickness, wrong song choices, guitar performances, unexpected exits and magical performances. Sums up this weeks 70's night cant wait for AI next week.

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