Wednesday, March 19, 2008

American Idol 7: The Beatles Night

As per request this week from the Lennon McCartney songbook, The Beatles Night. I'm not a fan of the Beatles but admittedly I like a number of the songs they composed or made. Amanda Overmyer got the lowest vote on Beatles Night. Amanda is truly an authentic rocker no question about that, but she sounds the same week after week. I just don't see her as an American Idol winner. The top 10 finalist is revealed.

One performance stood out. Soft mellow voice and great acoustic Syesha Mercado sang "Yesterday" and it was her best performance to date.

The competition is getting harder every week and everybody has to pick the right songs and deliver it every night as if it's their last performance. Some of my favorites, especially Ramiel, are steadily slowly declining week after the other I hate for them to be the next to go.

Kristy Lee Cook is consistently in the bottom two, no doubt she may have a fan base since she is really pretty and easy on the eyes. But how long will her looks save her? I think she is next to be booted out next week.

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