Thursday, March 27, 2008

American Idol: Songs from Year of Birth

This weeks theme, songs from the year they were born.

The best performance of the week. Born 1978, Michael Johns has resurrected back into the competition performing a spectacular medley version of "We will Rock You and We are the Champions". I loved it when Ricky Minor and the whole band was clapping to the beat of the intro song "We will Rock You". A confident strong voice, good looks, the accent, camera angle, stage lights, great arrangement = Scorching Hot Performance! In the past two weeks, Michael was kinda slipping into the safe zone but with this recent performance I honestly can say that he might have a shot as the next American Idol.

After Michael's performance, it was quite obvious that Carly Smithson was tense as she performs one of my favorite songs "Total Eclipse of the Heart". She was trying too hard. I think she left something in the bathroom which made her uptight. The permanent indention on her forehead and the screaming was just awful. The last note that she tried to stretch was just painful and a pitiful attempt to be as good as Michael's performance.

David Cook performed "Billie Jeane" I'm a huge Michael Jackson fan and I still prefer the original but David's version wasn't bad at all.

This season has definitely lived up to the "most talented hopefuls" ever produced by the famous reality tv show. I have 3 or more favorite hopefuls and it seems that I have to withdraw my earlier attempts of predicting who will win the title. You just can't zero in to one or two, a handful of them are just talented and deserving.

I so want Kristy out of the competition but she made a clever song choice with "God Bless the USA" how can you go wrong with that.

Chekizie was the one who was booted out and there were 9 left.

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