Sunday, March 23, 2008

Rare Occurrence in the Kitchen

Last Sunday my mom prepared a simple dish for dinner, baked fish fillet in between layers of tomatoes, olives, onions and capers. With her busy schedule she rarely cooks at home, unless my Dad is around. She was enthusiastic to cook this particular dish that she got from a friend, who served this dish in one of the meetings she attended. It was quite refreshing since I usually grill or pan fry my fish. The fish was soft and tender, the olives and capers complimented the delicate fish. I added freshly squeezed lemon juice and it was hmmm... delish! Whether fried or grilled I always liked an extra punch of calamansi or lemon juice.

Just this afternoon my mom came home with a bag of groceries. She walked pass me as I doodle in front of the computer. After 30 mins or so my tita asked me if I'd like to eat spaghetti, and I said "Yum! Spaghetti, Nagluto ka pala?" then she replied "Hindi si Mama mo nagluto". I was idle for a couple of seconds and *ping* I rushed in the dinning table and found wholewheat spaghetti with sliced bavarian cheese smokies and tomato sauce. It wasn't the usual spaghetti we have or cook, this was the first time I ate wholewheat spaghetti pasta. It was good especially the sauce but I have to get used to the wholewheat thing.

Mama and her little rare gestures really makes me appreciate her more.

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