Friday, April 25, 2008

American Idol: Andrew Loyd Webber Week

I love musicals whether its movie or a play, so Andrew Loyd Webber week was a real treat.

I enjoyed David Archuleta version of Think of Me. The first time David A tweaked a song, it made the song more poppy but in a good way. In fact my sister and I had a long LSS after watching David A's performance. My sister (who is a huge fan of the Phanton of the Opera) complained that she can't remember how the original was after hearings David A's version until she listen to the original soundtrack. "Rock and Roll Too Many" Syesha was wearing a sexy red dress singing on top of the piano, one of her best performances in the show and another great week for her. David Cook's "Music Of The Night" was perfection. I really appreciate the fact that he stuck to the original melody.

Brooke White, her controversial lyric restart mishap with Evita's "You Must Love Me". I heart Brooke and though she made a boo boo she executed it with taste.. Although I don't like Caryl Smithson, I thought she deserved to stay a bit longer than Jason Castro. Her version of "Jesus Christ Superstar" was far much better than Uhhgh Jason and his painful "Memory". Then again, Jason has a strong established fan base than Carly. So Goodbye Ms. Smithson!

BTW During the eliminations night, The comic supervillan theme thisi weeks Ford "Tainted Love" Music video was wicked awesome!

And like a cherry on top of this musical week one of my new favorite artists of the year Leona Lewis sang live "Bleeding Love". I greatly admire artists who sound as good as their recording (am I making sense?) and does not need digital sound enhancements. OMG Her voice is impeccable! Bless Clive and Simon for discovering her.

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