Friday, April 18, 2008

American Idol: Mariah Carey Week

Way back in my early grade school days as a pasalubong my dad bought my first cd, Mariah Carey's MTV Unplugged. I listened to it for a number of times on my discman and became an instant fan. I'm very intrigued how the remaining idols perform Mariah songs.

David Archuleta is a sweet boy with a great voice but I'm getting a bit antsy with his performances. He always picks ballad songs, it's getting a little boring and lacks the "wow" factor he used to have.

I heart Brooke White and this week she picked a tough Mariah song "Hero". Overall her performance was okay but I hoped that she mellowed down the tempo making it more soulful and heart felt. Anyways, I still love her and hope Ms. White stays in the competition.

Syesha is fighting back with her version of "Vanishing". She can hit them notes and at the same time be soft, soulful and vulnerable. So far this is one of her strongest performance.

The single "Always Be My Baby" is one of my favorite Mariah classics and I was surprised on how David Cook interpreted the song. At first I was hesitant but listening to it further it kinda hit me, not bad not bad at all. He keeps making great covers of songs from big artists and if he picks the right songs he just might be... I don't want to jinx it.

"I Can't Live With Out You". Carly Smithson almost made me like her. Starting off slow with her melodious soft voice but when she hit the chorus it came crashing down and her final note sucked me back to reality. I agree with Simon, she has a great voice but I just can't connect with her. She reminds me of Elliot Yamin of Season 5 the voice was there but his performance lacked "emotional connection".

Jason Castro a good cover, but I just can't picture him as an Idol.

Kristy Lee Cook. She looked stunning in her gold dress, undeniably she is very pretty. Singing "Forever" and gave Mariah goosebumps during rehearsals. Despite of everything this was Kristy's last week on Idol. She had it coming, no doubt about that and Jason is next!

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