Saturday, May 10, 2008

American Idol 7: Niel Diamond & Rock and Roll Week

What have I missed on AI? I just finished running thru the videos I downloaded to catch up or refresh the past weeks episodes

Niel Diamond Week

This week the remaining idols sang two songs from Niel Diamond selection. From an all time high last week, this week is the most boring week for me. I didn't even bother to download the episode. To top it off this is the week Brooke White left the competition. Not that I was surprised to see her go, with the trend in Brooke's recent weeks performances she heading for that down slope. I think that Brooke should have stayed a bit longer than Jason Castro. Obviously Jason is more redundant with his performances than Brooke. I heart Brooke! Hope she comes up with a good album after Idol.

Rock and Roll Week

The not-so-rock and roll week. I was kinda disappointed with the song choices some of the idols made. I know that there are a lot of great songs to choose from the Rock and Roll era but then again its easy to say or comment on things especially if you are not in their shoes.

Syesha is blooming late ( too late?) in the competition. You could see that she was having fun with her version of "Proud Mary" appropriate hip choreography. For Syesha's second song "A Change is Gonna Come" looking elegant and sexy in a satin gold dress and sincere performance was right on the money. David Archuleta's controversial stage father and a borrowed line from Sean Kingstons "Beautiful Girls" cost AI additional royalties. I don't know if these rumors are true but there's one thing I'm sure of David As' weak performances over the past weeks. Undeniably his voice is angelic but you can't deny that variety especially in song selection is a huge factor in keeping the audience interested and enthusiastic every time an artist performs. I want the goosebumps back! ( referring to David A's Hollywood week performance "Heaven")

Finally! he should have left weeks ago, a waste of space. He is cute but I just don't like him. Terrible way to leave the competition. After the not so Marley version of "I Shot The Sheriff" and "Mr. Tambourine" lyric memory gap. A double whammy disaster! Jason is out of the competition.

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