Friday, May 16, 2008

American Idol 7: Top Two Finalist

First Round Judges Choice

Paula's choice for David Archuleta "And So It Goes". David performed it quite well and the arrangement was good, almost had goosebumps. Randy choice for Syesha Mercado "If I Ain't Got You". Loving the sparkling gown. An Alicia Keys song is very hard to sing and not be compared to its original. Syesha tried to make the song her own and she sang it well than I expected. Mr. Simons' choice for David Cook "First Time I Saw Your Face". When I heard Simon's choice for Cook I was like hmm... interesting. I recall David C's past performances, one could assume that he could pull this song and make it his own and he did not fail. Over all, I think the judges chose safe and predictable songs for the contestants. All three performed their respective songs well making this round a triple tie.

Second Round Contestants Choice

David Archuleta choose "With You" by Chris Brown. It started okay then a bit shaky but I I give props to David for choosing an upbeat RNB song a divert from his usual mature ballad. Syesha choose "Fever" vocals were great but I wished she worked sexy sultry up a bit and the chair thing wasn't much help. David Cook "Dare You to Move". Bitin perfectly describe this performance. Just when he hits the big note it ends abruptly. Nobody out shined anyone in the 2nd round. They all made safe song choices.

Third Round Producers Choice

David Archuleta "Longer" another predictable performance. Syesha "Just a Little Bit" nice upbeat song but I felt as if the producers intentionally chose a non-interesting song for her. If they want to exploit Syesha's vocal prowess they should have chosen "Unfaithful" by Rhianna only then it would've been a more competitive piece to sing in the Top Three week. David Cook "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" One of my all time Aerosmith song. I like the arrangement they made. Staring it soft with the acoustic violin then hyping it up a bit. When I was about to get a feel of it expecting a big bang with this song, it left me hanging and I was disappointed. If I'm not mistaken Lindsey Cardinale sang this song way back season ??insert season?? and I liked her version. I'm not saying that Cooks' version isn't good but it didn't live up to the hype of the song.

Syesha Mercado has been a staple at the bottom three / two but she fought and proved us all wronng that she deserved to stay a bit longer than other contestants. With David A's established fan base since auditions and David Cook not afraid of taking risks tweaking songs to fit his stlye, it's inevitable. She has grown on me these past weeks but Syesha Mercado leaves the competition to night.

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