Sunday, May 18, 2008

Garage Sale

My dad scheduled to come home this month, work, errands, my 1st garage sale and to top it off I have my dogs to take care of. I'm not complaining, in fact i love being busy in lieu of wasting time thinking of pointless things and persons.

We usually just give away or throw away most of the things we don't need anymore an aftermath of our cleaning escapades we have at home. Manang our house help goes home with a big smile on her face since she gets first dibs on the stuff we get rid of. This year, my cousin asked me if I'd like to join her upcoming garage sale. Since we are cleaning up the house in preparation for papa, I agreed and joined my first ever garage sale.

I only had a two days to prepare. I spent most of the time sorting my stuff which can be sold and which ones to get rid of. I brought to the garage sale tons of magazines sold at PHP5 each, figurines PHP20, unused make-up, lotions and body spray PHP50-100, old cds PHP50, cassette tapes PHP5 each, old clothing Php 50-100 shoes and sandals PHP20-100 and other knickknacks. The most items sold were cds, dvds, bags, cassette tapes, make up, sandals and clothes. The magazines were not that much of a hit, so I decided to sell it to a local junk shop per kilo.

I was expecting a hot long day but the weather was kind. At the end of our garage sale, I summed up my sales and I was Php4720 richer! I couldn't believe it. This is kinda addicting (I thought) All of that stuff I don't use anymore were turned into cash plus I got a few new acquaintances. I'm definitely looking forward to the next garage sale.

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