Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Yesterday, our whole family has experienced a great lost, our beloved Tita Ding passed away.

At around 9pm, we received a phone call from my cousin and niece asking us for help. I woke up to the sound of people rushing as Mama and JP left the house to go to my Tita's house. I texted my mom and brother"kamusta na si tita? thinking that they would text me the hospital where my tita would be confined but to no avail I received no reply. A few hours has passed I was getting worried that they have not repleied to my messages.

I didn't notice that mama was already home until she checked our room. She left abruptly without answering my question. I asked my sister to ask mama where tita was, how is she and my mom replied Holy Trinity. I stood still as I enumertated the nearby hospitals in my head, "where is Holy Trinity Hospital?" The only Holy Trinity I knew was a funeral home. I thought that there maybe a Holy Trinity Hospital or Clinic that existed and I just didn't know about it.

I dashed out o my room to follow mama and be reaffirmed of what I thought. I asked mama "San na ka confine si Tita?" She embraced me tight kissed my cheek and whispered softly "Wala na si Tita Ding mo" I never expected the answer to my queries to be the most heart breaking words I ever heard in my entire life.

By the time my mom and brother got there Lifeline was about to revive her but she did not make it.

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