Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Closing Year 2008

I've been reflecting on the Year 2008 as it closes in a few hours.

The year started great with my early purchase of excellent seats for Roger and Hammerstein' s Cinderella which featured my forever idol Lea Salonga.

Followed by my unexpected last minute ticket purchase of Lea's concert Celebration 30 years in the business, Lea... My life on Stage and winning in the raffle.

Bizniz is steady despite current worldwide economic crisis.

A relative was diagnosed to have pituitary cyst but after months of medical treatment and prayers it was eventually ruled out.

Been looking forward to celebrating the Holidays since I'm exicted to show off my new recipes I learned and cook noche buena and medya noche for my family.

But when we reached the end months, November 10 the passing of our dear Tita Ding and with the Holidays coming up it was a struggle to be and feel genuinely happy.

I'm grateful for the new and wonderful things I received this year 2008 but at the same time I'm deeply saddened that the upcoming events in my life, in our family's life We are less of one.

2008 you are one heck of a roller coaster ride!


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