Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I was actually hoping that my rents would give it to me as a Christmas slash Birthday gift. When I realized that I have to earn it by myself and rekindle my baking skills first before upgrading my tools.

I've been drooling to have my very own Kitchen Aid Mixer but since it will cost me an arm I decided to be content of what I can buy within my budget.

Recent upgrade from a wire whisk to handmixer.

My cousin recommended an Oster Handmixer she saw at ATC. There were 2 models to choose from (1) Standard Handmixer PHP1065 (2) Handmixer with Stand and Stainless Bowl PHP 4000.

I opted to buy the standard Handmixer aside from the good reviews I googled. The deciding factor aside from the price, was the size of the bowl. My dad bought me stainless bowls of different sizes and I always use the biggest since I always bake 3-4 batches per recipe. If it was at least as big as what I am using then my decision would be quite hard. At a steal price of PHP1065 backed up by an Oster brand I'm sold. I happily skipped my way home with my new gadget.


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