Tuesday, August 31, 2004

An Update on My Webpage

I'm really excited and determined to finish my website. You can already access my blog through my site, as well as view the gallery. I'm still drafting the music part of my web. Its more tedious than the other parts since I'd have to research on the artists' biography, albums with lyrics and eventually a sample of their music through midi. I'm planning to feature at least 5 min and 10 max artists (for the mean time). In due time I'll be featuring more artists.

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Friday, August 20, 2004

Despidida de Karaoke

Today was my despidida organized by my boss and officemates. It was really nice since its informal non-teary eye karaoke despidida! I love karaoke not because I have the voice to sing, but because it’s a fun activity especially if you have friends that are not shy to belt out. We laughed our hearts out! They gave me a small token afterwards and I was really touched. I’m sure going to miss them… but we have to look forward and move on.


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Saturday, August 14, 2004

Never Ending Errands...

I’ve been doing errands ever since this morning. I drove my mom to Sta. Rosa around 8:30 am then after that we went to Makati (near sky way) since she has to settle some dues. After that I accompanied her to Rustans for groceries and we went home just in time to drop her off and go to the office. This is my last day at work, I was supposed to be in the office this morning to fix my things but I had some urgent errands to attend to. I dropped by the office around 4:30 pm Thess and Anne were there enslaved in front of the computer (its Saturday by the way and work days are M-F). I promised them that I’d bring Barry since this was the last time they would see him and of course they were not disappointed when they saw him. So finally I did my last turnover with Ghe (my replacement) and that was it. Finished! Officially unemployed, a STATISTIC. Errands never stop do they…since my mom just informed me that we would be going to a relatives wake, being a obedient daughter... Off I go…drive and drive away


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Friday, August 13, 2004

Freaky Friday

I had an adrenaline rush today! I mentioned before that I’m planning to watch Baby the Musical. Since the play would be running until 1st week of September, I was very calm that I could purchase the ticket for a later date and still have good seats. I finally had spare time (since I was still at work) to call the Ticket Office just to be sure. I calmly asked the CS attendant if there were free seats for Aug 27, and two orchestra center seats. “One Moment Please, sorry madam we don’t have free seats for the 27th” I went blank! Huh? What did she say?? A non- conceivable thought. I politely asked for the nearest Ticket outlet, Tower Records town. Finally its 5:00pm I panicked! Since I still had to go home and get some money since I had to purchase the tickets by 6:00 (ticket counter closes at 6:00) I rushed home got the money and drove the car as fast as I can. I made it by 6:24 not loosing hope I asked the counter and yes they were still open! After 20 mins of interrogating the sales lady. I got good (actually good isn’t enough to describe the seats that I got) seats!!!! Center orchestra front row!!! Although it was on a later date but I didn’t mind at all.


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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Lea Salonga: Star Strucked

At the early age of 4 I discovered that I like to sing and appreciate listening to music. I'm a BIG fan of Lea Salonga. It all began when I was 6 yrs old, TV (and Barbie dolls of course) was my world. Being a Manilyn Reynes fan, (c/o of my yaya Vilma at that time, I was gullible) I was browsing through different channels in search for one of her shows (and before there were only a few channels) Low and behold I heard the loveliest voice singing "The sun will come out, tomorrow So you gotta hang on 'til tomorrow Come what may... Tomorrow, tomorrow I love ya, tomorrow. You're always a day away" and ever since I ditched Manilyn Reynes obsession for the Classy Lea.

I always asked my dad to buy me an album of Lea. After 2 years of ranting i finally got what i wanted, HEHEHE ;) my Dad was probably convinced that I really admired Lea Salonga, it was not just a "passing thing/stage". I didn't get the chance to watch "Miss Saigon" and i was really upset. I had to make-up for that! so i watched her concert last year "Songs from Home" and got really good seats plus an autograph!!!! I was star strucked. It was so real that I can't even believe that it was happening, I got to meet MS. LEA SALONGA! She was like an arms length away from me. I was speechless. As soon I was inside the car, I kept on raving on just what happened. I'm planning to watch Baby the Musical this Aug- Sept and i'm really excited.

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Saturday, August 07, 2004

Enlightened and Reminiscing

I'm feeling well today ;) I was asked by my boss to extend for another week and you know what it's ok with me. Reading my previous entry quote " I on the other hand feel numb" sudden change of outlook regarding my resignation. I realized that I'd have more time to save up money, be with my colleagues and contemplate on the events that happened during my stay there. I wouldn't deny that i also felt sad/hesitant that I'd have to leave my 1st job. Reminiscing...I'm really proud of myself on how I got the job at AHMC. During my last term in Benilde i was only left with one subject "practicum". We had to render and complete 400 hrs for this subject. I was assigned at AHMC with Pol, good friend & blockmate, and Howard. I gave my 110% in everything that I was assigned and not assigned to do. This was not because I was vying for a position there, it never entered my mind actually since they were freeze hiring at that time. I was just eager to learn and absorb everything. They were impressed with my performance and got an excellent evaluation from my superior, modesty aside. Even before I finished the 400 hrs, the HR manager had a little chat with me and asked me if I wanted to join AHMC?? I was really shocked since I was not really expecting anything. I accepted the offer, a week after my graduation I was officially hired. It’s nice to contemplate and reminisce events that had happened whether good or bad. In contemplation, you'll learn to appreciate the things that you have and strive more to achieve things that you never had.


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Sunday, August 01, 2004

... Random Thoughts...

Finally, My 1st entry! I'm currently working on the draft for my Website. I've always wanted one badly but the thing is that I don't how to make one ;) I've already handed my resignation from my 1st job, 14 June 2004. Resignation is effective 14 July 2004 but I have been extended for 2 weeks since I don't have a replacement yet. Working in AHMC HR dept for a year and a half, I've seen lots of people come and go. Some of them were happy that they were already leaving for better pastures. Some were sad since they would be leaving their friends. I on the other hand feel numb, maybe because I've been extended for so long the excitement just faded away.


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