Friday, June 17, 2005

Thinking Out Loud: 3 notches louder

With Father's Day around the block I've decided to make Papa a flip book (mini-album) as big as a ΒΌ yellow pad paper. Last year... oh hehe didn't even greet my dad since we had an argument a few days before Father's Day. Come to think of it... we always had an argument whenever he comes home to take a vacation. My dad is approachable, friendly yet traditional/conservative and borderline strict wherein you think you got away with it but he reprimands through mama (pass the message) after the deed has been done. There are certain beliefs or values that we don't agree on and when I know I'm right I really fight for what I believe, especially if I know that I'm 110% sure that I'm correct. Papa on the other hand is stubborn and won't waive an argument even if what he says is already off the topic only to prove that what he says is correct. Haaha! I remembered waking up one early morning, Mama and Papa was having breakfast and I decided to join them. Both of them are in the same field Maritime and Shipping, they were sharing their experiences with their co-workers and some gossip. Sharing became a healthy conversation...then a debate. They were throwing viewpoints and position with regards to Manpower in my mom's company vs. my dad's company, who is better, who has the most and the least. I was just listening and laughing out loud during their debate. Ayaw talaga magpatalo ni papa.

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Going back to my gift, I have given cards, snoopy sailor stuff toys, trophies for my dad but the thing is he can't take it aboard since it's too big or awkward to carry around with you. He has really been bonding with my babies (our dogs), don't get the wrong impression, Barry and Sophie are dogs, little people with fur. Some people that I KNOW are dumb and downright insulted me to think that just because I don't go out with them, they spat and accuse me of being pregnant! ...I immaculately concieved on my own... bullshit! They just can't get it that they have been dumped... rejected. Read my LIPS I don't enjoy you're (backbitting) company anymore... get over it! I have compiled very cute pictures of them so that he could take it with him and cheer him up whenever he misses them. Ever since we had Barry he labeled him self as "Lolo Felip" (indirectly saying that he already is waiting for little Kristinas, pitter patter of little feet hahaha sorry to disappoint them but I'm leaning on single-blessedness with my dogs and my business) you might think that we are out of our minds but we just love dogs!

This is it for now... I think I thought out loud too much...


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