Friday, July 08, 2005

A Big Acne On Your Face

Yesterday PGMA addressed the nation and announced that she will not resign instead a revamp in her cabinet will take place. She asked all members to send in their courtesy resignation to allow her to make a fresh start. Just a hours ago, some of the Cabinet Members call for PRESIDENT Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo 's Resignation and that the Vice President should take over. They held a press conference in the Hyatt Hotel reading their statements that they want PGMA out.

"With deep concern and firm resolve, after a long period of reflection, debate and consultation, we are hereby submitting our collective irrevocable resignation. The President can be part of the solution to this crisis by making the supreme sacrifice for God and country to voluntarily relinquish her office and allow her constitutional successor, the vice president, to assume the Presidency," Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima told a press conference at the Hyatt Hotel in Pasay City.

I've been closely watching the events unfold. I've already heard of the "alleged tape" and still I'm not convinced that PGMA's resignation is the solution. She already admitted that she spoke to a COMELEC Official, but didn't other candidates also called the COMELEC? (although they denied it), she recognized that she made a mistake and she has already apologized. For a highest official ( and the 1st official of the Philippines for that matter) to humbly admit a mistake she made is not easy as pie and for that PGMA has earned a degree of respect from me. As for the "alleged manipulation of the 2004 Elections by PGMA" I dare them to present their "evidences" and file for impeachment and if she is found guilty then that is the time that she should step down. Everything has to be within the rule of law and the constitution, another people power is just not an option anymore. We are all getting sick and tired of this issue, but its like a big acne on your face approximately located on your nose (namumula at masakit), undeniably it can't be ignored.


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