Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Amazing Race: Family Edition

I just watched the premiere episode of “The Amazing Race: Family Edition”. The Amazing Race: Family Edition's special two-hour premiere began with the ten competing families starting their journey in New York City. I’m somewhat disappointed that the Black Family was the first group to be eliminated. It would be nice if one of the groups with little people make it through the race, at least to the final three. The kids turned out to be as competitive as the grown-ups. Kenneth and Austin of the Black Family showed their enthusiasm and willingness to help out their parents navigate through and until the first pit stop. Billy and Carissa of the Gaghan Family impressed me with their determination (especially during a detour, crossing the river). Too early for favorites though.

A particular family caught my attention with their constant "bickering”, the Paolo Family. As mentioned in their bio “one” of them has a big mouth; they should rephrase that to “big mouth runs in the family”. Marion (the mom) openly admitted in a video, watch it here.

“Brian is painfully embarrassed by his family and is convinced he's the only sane one in the bunch. Neither son thinks their mother will be able to last long on the Race”
- Amazing Race Family Edition

I salute their Dad behind the wheel, keeping it cool, ignoring the cacophony in the back seat, the arguments on how to navigate, loud and obnoxious remarks. If I was the one driving I’d probably freak out. Watching them I thought… I have never-ever treated my mom that way, any attempt would be fatal. Going through this race they are given an opportunity not only to travel but also bond and workout their differences.

As always watching the AR8 left me wanting more. They definitely deserve the Emmy Awards.

I’m currently listening to Sarah McLachlan’s new album Bloom Remix. At first I was hesitant to buy this album since I rarely enjoy remixes but so far I already have some favorite tracks. I particularly enjoyed “Just Like Me” feat. Will-I-Am, “Train Wreck” and “Fumbling Towards Ecstasy”. For those who haven’t tried her music in remix I highly recommend this album, it’s refreshing to listen to an upbeat version of McLachlan.


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