Saturday, November 05, 2005


Looks like karma has finally found its way to my little brother, the desktop computer crashed last thursday. Aries, my brothers friend said that the CPU would probably be finished by Tuesday. Well I'm not all jumping and happy about what happened since I also am at a lost (good thing I burned a couple of my files on a cd-rw). This "tragic" event paved the way for reconcillation and upgrades. For the first time, after 3 weeks of silence, my little brother asked me if I could give him a ride home from ATC, I agreed and last night he wanted to sleep at my room with Lynna. We also purchased the long awaited upgrade, an LG 17" LCD monitor and a new cordless trackball, now all we need to wait for is the CPU. Till then my brother has to avail the services of gaming network hubs to nourish his Ragnarok addiction.

So what's up with me lately? In my vacant time, I'm finishing my scrapbook. I'm finally having the courage to finish my long overdued scrapbook. Yes, courage, you're probably wondering why. Well I purchased a rather expensive scrapbook that I'm afraid of making a mistake and ruin the book. Then there is also the fear of looking back, remembering sad things, events that happened. Little by little as I start my scrapbook from baby pictures, first birthday and when we moved here in our home. For every picture I recalled as to what happened that day. I felt a warm fuzzy, there are some pictures of me smiling, laughing, crying and even angry. This is good therapy, other than blogging of course : )

It's my cousins' birthday today! Happy Birthday Grace!


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