Saturday, December 24, 2005

Almost Christmas and Tommy's passing

It's almost Christmas, I'm currently finishing our menu for tonight's "Noche Buena". My mom has been really busy lately since she volunteered at our Parish for the "Simbang Gabi committee" hence I decided to take control, organize and inject some "holiday cheers and spirit" into our home. I took the initiative or else nothing will happen this season. I cleaned, decorated the house, organized and cooked the items on the menu. Yes, I've been very busy and I really appreciate my Tita Mercy. She helped and supported my ideas. It's not that I am complaining but I'd really like to see my mom involved in the celebration. Considering that she has a career plus the extra activities that she has on her itinerary, she is always not at home. I miss the days when she still baked cakes and cooked us dinner. Well that was like ages ago, we dine together as a whole family whenever my dad is at home other than that its just me, my siblings and Tita Mercy. Anyways... moving on.

We all discussed that we would just have a simple celebration. The menu is not as extravagant as our previous Christmas since we just celebrated Lynna's birthday last Wednesday, December 22, and my little brother's "Japanese themed (it's more like Tempura party) birthday" last Thursday ,December 23. We didn't want to repeat the dishes that we had and just imagine their birthday cakes that are still in the fridge. Presents are already wrapped though I still have to buy a few more items. I'm really looking forward to my cousins coming over for Christmas. We usually play cards, boardgames and or have a karaoke night. I have already completed the 6 chips of my magic sing and its really going to be fun.

For some sad news, Our beloved Tommy left us last Wednesday. He is our 11 year old monggrel dog. It's really sad news and we miss him already. We reminisced over dinner and can't help but remember the things he used to do, especially this holiday season. Oh how he hated fireworks, he'd always beg that he be kept inside the house whenever there is a firework display. He is also afraid of thunder. The more that we comfort him , the louder his barks and cries were. In light of this event its unanimous that we have accepted his passing, he was really old and sickly. We are all just glad he became a part of our family. I can't help but imagine the time when Barry has to go. I don't know if I can take it lightly. Everyday I shower him with hugs and kisses. Wahhhh!!! Hey I shouldn't think about this "erase-erase".


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