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...My Last Post for the Year 2005...

This post is quite long and itclaims to be the ultimate year-end survey. The questions are pretty decent so I chose this questionnaire. I've been itching to answer a survey and post it here, after my failed attempt. This survey is from Bzoink and they have tons of surveys to be filled out.

Ultimate survey of 2005. past, present, future, and everything random!

Time:: 4:00 am
Name:: Kristina
Favorite nickname:: t-na
Age:: 22 yrs old
Age you act:: 25???
Age you wish you could be:: 7, definitely. I love being a kid.
Height:: What?
Weight:: Next question please...
Shoe size:: 8 1/2
Siblings:: I have 3 Lynna, Jp and Jc
Pets:: Barry, Sophie, Cleo and Bantay
Living situation:: living with parents
Location:: Las PiƱas, Philippines

Childhood past and General past

Favorite toy:: Barbie
How did you dress?: My mom buys all my clothes.
Preschool:: ICA at AAV
What age did you stop using the bottle?: Hehehe... 6? or seven maybe... It was really hard for me to let go.
Did you prefer playing indoors or outdoors?: Outdoors of course... but my mom was pretty strict hence I'd always play inside the house.
Did you have an immaginary friends?: None. I did attempt to have one cause my playmate claim that he has one, but it was pretty boring so I ditched the idea.
First pet:: Rambo, a german shepherd
What did you want to be when you grew up?: I wanted to be a nun, seriously.
Do you still want to be that?: I keep my options open.
(assuming you do) did you always have your own room?: No, I'd always have to share with my sister.
Did you ever ask a fat lady how long she'd been pregnant for?: No, I already had manners then.
What age did you learn to read and write?: Probably around... 4 or 5.
Were you quiet or nosy?: Quiet, definitely.
What was your favorite story book?: The Frog Prince
Second favorite?: Little Red Riding Hood
Third favorite?: Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Sum yourself up as a kid.: I was very shy.
Who was your first best friend?: Anne Kristine
How old were you when you had your first birthday party?: Since I was the eldest, I had a really grand 1st birthday.
Where was it?: At my Tita's house in AAV.
What was your earliest bedtime?: 8:00 pm
When did you learn to ride a bike?: I still don't know how to ride one... I had attempts but the thought that I'll be having bruises and scratches really scared me.
Were you immaginative?: Yes I was.
Did you play with gender appropriate toys?: Yeah, I really liked my Barbie dolls and my kitchen set.
Did you play with age appropriate toys?: I guess I did.
What was your favorite stuffed animal?: I really didn't like stuffed animal.
How many barbies did you have?: I had 10 Barbie dolls.
Did you have carebears?: I had Carebears coloring books.
Ninja turtles?: No, I didn't have any of that.
That creepy bear that reads books?: No, I didn't have any of that.
Did you like to climb trees?: No, I didn't want to.
Throw tantrums?: Oh yes! I had a couple of them.
Was it hard to sleep, or did you sleep like a baby?: I'd sleep like a baby.
Did you go to the zoo?: Yes, We had several trips to the zoo.
Did you scream a lot?: No, I didn't.
Did you ever go to an amusement park?: Yes, Big Bang sa Alabang.
When and where was your first kiss?: Around 6 years old at school. He took me by surprise and just kissed me thrice, smack at the lips. It was really gross.
Kissed someone of the opposite sex?: My dad
Kissed someone of the same sex?: Relatives
how many total goldfish have you collectively owned?: I had 2 fishes...but they didn't last long.
As a kid, what was the best thing ever?: No fuss and having lots of presents.
The worst?: Not having any freedom
What was the best year of your life?: College

Generally, in the past, have you ever:
Ran away from home?: No, never entered my mind
Snuck out?: No, my mom was always watching me like a hawk.
Wished on a star?: I did wish on them, when I was a kid.
Danced in the rain?: Yes, when I was 5.
Been to an unsupervised party?: Nope
Been drunk?: I wanted to but it turned out that I had to help a couple of friends since they were very drunk... I guess I didn't drink that much.
Smoked?: I would never smoke! Yuck Yosi kadiri.
Been beaten up?: Suprisingly yes, I was beaten up by my brother. We were playing karate, he hit me and I bled.
Been depressed?: Yeah.
Been lonely?: Not really
Been afraid of the dark?: Yes, I was afraid of manananggals and aswangs.
Cut your own hair?: No, I haven't.
Stayed up all night?: Yes, a couple of times.
Gone streaking?: No.
Gone skinny dipping?: No.
Played strip poker?: No.
Been on a roof?: No, but I wanted to.
Been in a trash can?: No.
Egged somebodies house?: No.
Teepeed someones house?: No.
Cheated on a guy / girl?: No.
Cheated on a test?: No. (*winks*)
Set something on fire on purpose?: No.
Set something on fire accidentally?: No.
Eaten squid?: Yes, I love them grilled and stuffed.
Eaten sushi?: Yes.
Had a cell phone?: Hahaha Of course. I had my first cell phone when I graduated from highschool.
Had a computer?: Yes.
Had an ipod / mp2 player?: At the momment I feel that I don't need to have one, would probably consider buying one but I'm contented with my CD player.
Broken a light bulb?: Yes, I intentionally did.
Cruised the streets past 3 AM?: Yes.
Did a prank call?: No, I didn't.
Gone to school with a hangover?: No, never.
Been in love?: No, I guess I really haven't looked for one.
Sworn at your parents?: Yeah, I had my fair share.
Regretted something you did?: I'd like to believe that everything happens for a reason.
Regretted something you should have done but never did?: refer to my answer above
Lied to your parents?: Yeah, I had my fair share.
Lied to your friends?: Yeah, I had the best intentions for them at that time .


Are you a lucky person?: Yeah
Are you a happy person?: Depends on my mood.
Are you a virgin?: Yes, I am.
What are you wearing?: My pjs.
What did you have for breakfast?: I had oatmeal.
What kind of socks do you wear?: As long as they are clean, I don't mind.
What are your most comfortable shoes?: My sketchers rubbershoes
Are you doing well in school?: I graduated last 2003
Do you have a lot of friends?: I did have a lot but I'm shedding a couple of them. Quality is better that Quantity.
Are you happy with them?: With what I have now, yeah I'm honored to be their friends.

Past of 2005:

Did 2005 treat you well?: Life's pretty hard on me but I know that He is just making me more stronger probably remolding me into the new and better person that I can be
Did it go by fast, slow, or at just the right pace?: Fast!
Approximately how many parties did you go to?: Just a couple of here and there.
What was your biggest acheivement this year?: Letting go of baggages, gotten closer with my family and having my hair colored!
Did you change over 2005?: Yeah, I've matured a lot.
Did your hairstyle change?: Yes! Finally, I have been itching to have my hair colored and styled.
How much taller did you get from last year?: Hahahaha... Is this a trick question??
Did you make new friends?: Yes, I did.
Did you lose any old friends?: Yes, I did.
Did you try new things?: Yeah
Go places you've never been?: Yes. Cebu and Bacolod.
Do things you've never done?: Yes, having my hair colored and travelling around
Things you never thought you would do?: Having my hair colored, my mom did not approve of having it done but I did it anyway.
Have fun?: Yeah
What do you miss most about 2005?: None much
If you could choose one thing to completely undo, what would it be?: None, I believe that everything happens for a reason.
If you could choose one thing to redo (fix) what would it be?: Please refer to my answer above
If you could choose one thing to relive, what would it be?: Can't think of anything.
Did 2005 have a big impact on your life?: Yes, more than ever I value my family alot.
Do you think 2006 will be better?: Yes, definitely looking forward to 2006.
Was 2005 special?: I'd like to think that it was.
Was it the best year for you?: I'd like to think that it was.

Future, mainly 2006
Have you made a resolution?: I don't beleive in resolutions.
What's one thing you will do differently in 2006?: Be more proactive!
What are your goals?: I haven't thought of anything yet.
Do you feel fullfilled?: Yeah, I've accoplished a lot.
Are you going to learn something new from 2006?: Yes definitely.
What's one place you want to go?: Tour Europe... but thats a long shot.
What's the main thing you want out of 2006?: I haven't thought of anything yet.

Back to this past year, have you been...
Naughty or Nice?: Nasty? hehehe
Happy or Sad?: Happy
Dull or Interesting?: Interesting
Boring or Fun?: Bordering fun
Cray or Normal?: encentric
Wild or Calm?: calm
Mean or Kind?: Mean, I'm tired of being nice.
Caring?: Yes, to my siblings
Carefree?: YEAH!
Careless?: YEAH!
Careful?: - so..
Loud or Silent?: Loud
Smart or Stupid?: Smarter!

Last but not least...
Nine things you won't be able to live without. Go.
1.: Barry and Sophie
2.: Computer - Sims 2
3.: the internet
4.: Lysol
5.: Good food
6.: My DVD collection
7.: Car
8.: Money

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