Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Coming Home

My dad is coming home! The tempt schedule would be on Thursday, 5th of January. We are all getting ready since my dad is a “clean freak”. Long quite mornings, wherein you could still doze off even if the alarm has rang (…just five more minutes …), is a thing of the past. He wakes up really early (probably around 4 am) to jog and afterwards “the routine starts”. One will be waking up to the airy-buzzing sound of the vacuum cleaner. He’ll be going around the house, from the living room, the kitchen and through the hallways. The most annoying part of it is when he bursts into the rooms with his handy-dandy vacuum cleaner, whether you’re asleep or not and then he’ll ask you why you are still in bed… Sheesh! I in particular tend to be “bugnutin” or “quick- tempered” when I’m suddenly awakened in the wee hours of morning. He does this “vacuum habit” twice or even thrice a day, especially when we are expecting some guests.

My dad and I have a love and hate relationship. We argue a lot on almost every topic, since he is narrow minded, has a traditional point-of-view, and he imposes his beliefs on us. When I’m fed up, I respond with a silent treatment. I just simply ignore him for a couple of days… or even weeks and he really hates that. I remember the last time we had a long fight it lasted for several months, he used Barry as an excuse to access my room since he wanted to “take Barry for a walk or play” with him. I find it very amusing. I knew that he was just waiting for me to speak to him but I didn’t budge. Of course… despite all of the arguments, he’s still my dad and for that he has my respect and unconditional love… cheesy as it may seem.


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