Thursday, April 27, 2006

Goodbye Ms. Pickler

Wednesday, 26 April 2006

My favorite performance was of Katharine McPhee "I Have Nothing" and Chris Daughtry "Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman". Katharine looked stunning in her yellow chiffon gown despite the controversial wardrobe malfunction. Accidents happen you know, it's nothing compared to Janet Jackson's superbowl. Taylor on the other hand looked gorgeous in his black silver lined suit.

What is up with the judges?!? Randy and Simon are being difficult and Paula was acting kinda funny, bursting up in tears during Elliot's performance (?!?!?sounded extra loonie?!?!?). It was too obvious not to ignore. I'm beginning to consider the rumors about Paula under medication, suspicious about the content of the Coke glass she drinks during the program. There were some posts in the AI boards about technical difficulties during last nights performance, some even call it sabotage. Well despite the intrigues, mood swings of the three judges and lack of proper medication, I enjoyed this weeks' theme. Andrea Bocelli and David Foster are this weeks guests. Mr. Foster claimed that If God had a singing voice It would sound like Andrea. No doubt about that his voice is heavenly exquisite and during the show he showed another side. Bocelli was witty and fun.

Thursday, 27 April 2006

I'm glad Simon took back his comments of Katharine McPhee's performance, she's no Whitney but she equally performed well. I was disappointed since starnetwork cut-off the Ford video featuring the top 6. The top 6 were divided into three groups of two, Chris Daughtry and Katharine McPhee, Elliot Yamin and Taylor Hicks, Paris and Kellie Pickler. One of these groups are the bottom two and the top two. Taylor and Elliot were the first to be saved and seated. After the break Ryan Seacrest announced that Katharine and Chris garnered the highest number of votes, making Paris and Kellie the bottom two. This quickly followed the announcement that Kellie Pickler received the lowest vote. Bye Ms. Pickler.

UPDATED : Mp3s of American Idol 5


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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Update : Mp3s of American Idol Season 5

Just updated American Idol Mp3s. I've uploaded two mp3s out f the seven performances tonight. Described as MAGIC by Simon, Taylor Hicks was just amazing with his rendition of of Sam Cookes' "You Send Me" and Katharine McPhees' "almost magic" with "Someone to Watch Over Me".


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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Goodbye Bucky; Are you ready for "Philippine Idol"

This weeks theme is all about "Queen". I enjoyed this week compared to the past weeks theme . I love Taylor's rendition of "Crazy Little Thing called Love", refreshing and funny. I heard a lot of different versions of the song, there was Michael Buble, Lea Salonga and the other AI contestants in the past season. Can't help but laugh when he tried to kick the mic stand while he was performing. The 1st attempt he missed the mic stand and had to go for another one. I was reminded of a Constantine flip-flop he did last year, as seen in the picture below. He tried to do a rock kick during an interview and falls flat on his ass. It's a little pixely (I just made this word up) since I wanted to blow up the small GIF I had. As I speak I just can't help but burst into tears, laughing my ass off, but this picture doesn't give justice I highly recommend the video of the interview. If you could get a hold of it, please send me a link of it.

Bucky Covington received the lowest number of votes, hence ending his chance to be an American Idol for this season. The bottom three were Bucky, Elliot and Ace. I was expecting Bucky at the bottom three, but I think either Ace and Elliot should have left instead. Ace is boyband material not idol. Elliot, hands off has a great voice but whenever he performs I just feel no connection with him, his eye wander off the camera, it's just weird. I always thought and asked "Why is he in AI? Buck who?". I wasn't a Bucky fan then but he left the competition with a good impression. I salute Bucky he progressed all throughout the show, too bad he didn't have a solid fan based established from the start/auditions.

Now America is down to seven, several weeks away from crowning this seasons American Idol.

There are a lot of Filipino AI viewers/fanatics and with this recent update "Philippine Idol" would Filipinos be as enthusiastic as it's original Idol version? Click the active link for the whole article. Well I just hope that we could find our own idol not based on "biritan", nakakasawa na eh.

Updated : American Idol 5 Mp3s

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006


My family and fellow Catholics observe the last few days of Lent or commonly known as "Holy Week". As a family tradition we abstain from eating meat, aside the Fridays after Ash Wednesday, as early as Monday of the holy week. My siblings tend to slack off and get to eat meat whenever they want since they are not a big fan of seafood and vegetables. In an effort to encourage them to practice the tradition, I planned an interesting set of menu throughout the week. We had sushi rolls and the left over tuna casserole today. My first attempt to make my own sushi. It would cost more since you'd have to buy special ingredients but the quantity of the rolls we'll be making is definitely more than what we could order in a Japanese restaurant. We also had tempura the other day, also made from scratch, and my brother just loves them. He actually prefers my tempura vs. the resto tempura. Naks naman! of course just seeing my siblings feast on my creations definitely warms my heart.

One take, that was all that I needed (hehehe yabang!) I'm really a natural at this.


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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Trouble with technology!

I'm really frustrated with my Zen Micro mp3 player! and here is why:

While lookin around for more info about my player, I stumbled on this ipod's dirty little secret.
To top it off my yahoo email has gone bonkers... I can't send nor attach anything properly.


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