Thursday, April 13, 2006

Goodbye Bucky; Are you ready for "Philippine Idol"

This weeks theme is all about "Queen". I enjoyed this week compared to the past weeks theme . I love Taylor's rendition of "Crazy Little Thing called Love", refreshing and funny. I heard a lot of different versions of the song, there was Michael Buble, Lea Salonga and the other AI contestants in the past season. Can't help but laugh when he tried to kick the mic stand while he was performing. The 1st attempt he missed the mic stand and had to go for another one. I was reminded of a Constantine flip-flop he did last year, as seen in the picture below. He tried to do a rock kick during an interview and falls flat on his ass. It's a little pixely (I just made this word up) since I wanted to blow up the small GIF I had. As I speak I just can't help but burst into tears, laughing my ass off, but this picture doesn't give justice I highly recommend the video of the interview. If you could get a hold of it, please send me a link of it.

Bucky Covington received the lowest number of votes, hence ending his chance to be an American Idol for this season. The bottom three were Bucky, Elliot and Ace. I was expecting Bucky at the bottom three, but I think either Ace and Elliot should have left instead. Ace is boyband material not idol. Elliot, hands off has a great voice but whenever he performs I just feel no connection with him, his eye wander off the camera, it's just weird. I always thought and asked "Why is he in AI? Buck who?". I wasn't a Bucky fan then but he left the competition with a good impression. I salute Bucky he progressed all throughout the show, too bad he didn't have a solid fan based established from the start/auditions.

Now America is down to seven, several weeks away from crowning this seasons American Idol.

There are a lot of Filipino AI viewers/fanatics and with this recent update "Philippine Idol" would Filipinos be as enthusiastic as it's original Idol version? Click the active link for the whole article. Well I just hope that we could find our own idol not based on "biritan", nakakasawa na eh.

Updated : American Idol 5 Mp3s

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