Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Congrats Lea and Sophie!

I'd like to congratulate two special girls.

My forever idol, Lea Salonga-Chien. She gave birth yesterday, 16 May 2006 to her first child, Nicole Beverly at Asian Hospital at 12:20 in the afternoon. The baby weighed 6 lbs 10 ozs and has a birth length of 19 inches. During their exclusive interview with ABS-CBN, I noticed that they choose the hospitals' finest suite which costs around Php 13,000 - 15,000 per day. I used to work there and I'm happy that they decided to have their baby in Asian, it's facilities and medical care are the best here in the south of the metro.

A couple of weeks before Leas' due date she posted an invitation to, an online baby pool game and guess who's on the top 5, lil old me. Out of 81 guess from Lea's close friends, family and fans, I ranked four (4) in the game!!! Wala lang... Lea fanatic talaga ako and just the mere thought of it makes me feel like I won a raffle or something of value. Although it would be extra super nice if she thrown in little tokens for the winner or better yet the top 5?/4? Hahaha I'm pushing my luck too far... ;P

Next would be my baby... Sophie! She whelped last Saturday, May 2006 11:10 am, to three healthy puppies! So far we've decided to keep all three. Sophie was great, she was prepared all throughout the delivery. She's very protective and caring to her pups, they already gained a considerable amount of weight since last Saturday. My dad was so happy about the news, especially with the fact that Sophie is well. He can't wait till he get home and see them.

I know I haven't been paying attention to my blog and momentarily I'm hooked with American Idol . Hopefully, very soon, I'll be posting more meatier entries. I prepared a couple of entries but I can't find the time to sit and type away my thoughts and during spare time there is the temptation of playing Sims 2 instead of blogging since I haven't played for awhile.

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