Thursday, May 18, 2006

Goodbye Mr. Elliot!

I'm so ecstatic! Both of my favorite AI contestants are in the top 2. Honestly I don't care who wins since it's a win-win for me. Ms. McPhee deserves her position in the top 2, considering Elliot and Katherine have "the voice", she has more impact and stage presence vis-a-vis Elliot's stiff looking performances. Though I'm a McPhever and Soulpatrol fan, I felt sorry for Elliot leaving and almost shed a tear or two.

Did my ears deceive me or the first few phrases of McPhees' version sounded like Lea Salonga's Home for Christmas version. I loved Katharines' performance of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow It was definitely the same "wow-factor" as the Bo Bice moment last season, where he sang acapella and it was just amazing beyond words.

Updated: Mp3s of American Idol 5


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