Thursday, May 04, 2006

Goodbye Paris

Paris, garnering the lowest number of votes, left the American Idol 5 competition: a shocker? Well maybe not, she has been in the bottom three for quite sometime. Although she performed way better than Elliot Yamin, considering that they both have a great voice, since Mr. Yamin lacked stage presence that Paris commands. I was a bit shaken since I was really vying for Elliot to be out since he massacred Michael Buble's Home (which I'm a big fan of). Listening to the mp3 it sounded okay though... but when I watched him perform sitting, I didn't feel his performance. It's like his eyes are blank, no emotion or connection to the song. I'd have to disagree with the comment the judges made about Paris singing Mary J Blige "Be With You", she did a fantastic version of the song. Well that was America's call... now we are all down to the top four namely Chris Daughtry, Elliot Yamin, Katharine Mcphee and Taylor Hicks. It's quite obvious that I'm a McPhee and Taylor fan. I hope they make it to the final three or better yet final two.

Update: Mp3s of American Idol 5


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