Tuesday, January 16, 2007

LTO and Hanakazu Dissapointment

The day started early with a visit to an LTO office. My drivers' license is due for renewal, which only meant that my b-day is coming up. I spent the rest of the day window shopping with my cousin. This was my first time to go around without any agenda at all. I usually plan ahead of time mentally taking down notes. I ask myself and discern do I need to buy something? where am I going to buy it? who I'm going out with and alike. I've developed this habit ever since I left my "student privileged lifestyle". With no regular allowance from my parents I learned to control myself and stick with my budget. Gone are the days where I usually splurge and max out my extension credit cards but I’m glad that I controlled “impulse buying habit” I had before.

For dinner we went to Hanakazu in BF Homes. This was the first time I experienced its restaurant dine-in service since I just usually have it to go. I told my cousin that their maki was my favorite and that I haven’t eaten there for a while since their recent price increase and because I learned how to make them maki rolls. They greeted us as we entered. The ambiance was nice and clean. I was supposed to try out their salad selections but the 300+ tag on their salad wasn’t quite justified. I ordered california maki, green tea ice cream and iced tea. Everything tasted okay but I was dismayed upon gazing the serving size of the items I ordered. How much smaller they were compared to my last take out was last year. The 200 bucks on 6 slices of maki was worth it if they haven’t changed its size. The waitress that attended us was so slow in refilling the small glass of water my cousin had. My cousin couldn’t help but notice that they paid extra attention to the Korean customers around us, “bias” my cousin kept blurting out as they hurriedly attended the foreigners. I’m so disappointed with Hanakazu, their food was still good but I could get the same quality of taste if not better taste and serving proportions on other popular Japanese restaurants. I will not, ever, visit this restaurant again.


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