Friday, May 26, 2006

Happy Birthday Dad

It's sad that you're not here with us to celebrate your birthday, I opted to blow your candle instead. Sorry I didn't get to text you since I wanted to greet you with a phone call but the signal was off (according to mama). I hope you activated your mms/gprs cause I really want to send pictures of the pups or even have a 3G video call (that would be neat). Stop being stubborn and kuripot, just follow the activation text I sent you... ok? Here's to you Papa ;)

Note: I've Updated the American Idol Mp3 section, there are some Mp3s of the finale and a video. Enjoy!


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Thursday, May 25, 2006

American Idol 5: Taylor Hicks

The most exciting and entertaining seasons finale so far. I liked a couple of numbers presented such as the AI 5 Girls Medley, Katherine's duet with meatloaf (she complemented his unusual voice quite well), The Clay Aiken impersonation (...Clay looked different...) and seeing Prince on the show (Surprise! I so did not expect that).

As I've mentioned both Katherine and Taylor are my choices from the start. Mr. Hicks winning American Idol 5 did not come as a surprise. I have been visiting a couple of forums and since Elliot left a number of his fans opted to side with Soul Patrol's Taylor Hicks. Although Katherine didn't win the most coveted title of American Idol, it is not the end for our Sexy Sultry Siren. As we speak there are a lot of an album, projects and endorsements lined up for our gal. Oh I can't wait to have her album!

There were a lot of songs Katherine sang which really complimented her voice, ex. It's All Coming Back and Natural Woman. I wished that she sang those songs during the competition. Just when you thought why did she choose to sing it again, there's a possibility that the magic might not work, "Somewhere over the Rainbow" is STILL magical moment for Kat the second time around. The way she sang and interpreted the song, effortlessly magical.

Now that American Idol fever is over... It's the Philippines turn at the Idol competition. Fast track auditions, held at SM Malls nationwide, have started. This coming 27 May PI fast track will be held in SM Southmall, hmm... just out of curiosity I might get a peek or two. I do hope Phippine Idol live up to it's original foreign counterpart and produce quality idols.


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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Goodbye Mr. Elliot!

I'm so ecstatic! Both of my favorite AI contestants are in the top 2. Honestly I don't care who wins since it's a win-win for me. Ms. McPhee deserves her position in the top 2, considering Elliot and Katherine have "the voice", she has more impact and stage presence vis-a-vis Elliot's stiff looking performances. Though I'm a McPhever and Soulpatrol fan, I felt sorry for Elliot leaving and almost shed a tear or two.

Did my ears deceive me or the first few phrases of McPhees' version sounded like Lea Salonga's Home for Christmas version. I loved Katharines' performance of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow It was definitely the same "wow-factor" as the Bo Bice moment last season, where he sang acapella and it was just amazing beyond words.

Updated: Mp3s of American Idol 5


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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Congrats Lea and Sophie!

I'd like to congratulate two special girls.

My forever idol, Lea Salonga-Chien. She gave birth yesterday, 16 May 2006 to her first child, Nicole Beverly at Asian Hospital at 12:20 in the afternoon. The baby weighed 6 lbs 10 ozs and has a birth length of 19 inches. During their exclusive interview with ABS-CBN, I noticed that they choose the hospitals' finest suite which costs around Php 13,000 - 15,000 per day. I used to work there and I'm happy that they decided to have their baby in Asian, it's facilities and medical care are the best here in the south of the metro.

A couple of weeks before Leas' due date she posted an invitation to, an online baby pool game and guess who's on the top 5, lil old me. Out of 81 guess from Lea's close friends, family and fans, I ranked four (4) in the game!!! Wala lang... Lea fanatic talaga ako and just the mere thought of it makes me feel like I won a raffle or something of value. Although it would be extra super nice if she thrown in little tokens for the winner or better yet the top 5?/4? Hahaha I'm pushing my luck too far... ;P

Next would be my baby... Sophie! She whelped last Saturday, May 2006 11:10 am, to three healthy puppies! So far we've decided to keep all three. Sophie was great, she was prepared all throughout the delivery. She's very protective and caring to her pups, they already gained a considerable amount of weight since last Saturday. My dad was so happy about the news, especially with the fact that Sophie is well. He can't wait till he get home and see them.

I know I haven't been paying attention to my blog and momentarily I'm hooked with American Idol . Hopefully, very soon, I'll be posting more meatier entries. I prepared a couple of entries but I can't find the time to sit and type away my thoughts and during spare time there is the temptation of playing Sims 2 instead of blogging since I haven't played for awhile.

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Goodbye Paris

Paris, garnering the lowest number of votes, left the American Idol 5 competition: a shocker? Well maybe not, she has been in the bottom three for quite sometime. Although she performed way better than Elliot Yamin, considering that they both have a great voice, since Mr. Yamin lacked stage presence that Paris commands. I was a bit shaken since I was really vying for Elliot to be out since he massacred Michael Buble's Home (which I'm a big fan of). Listening to the mp3 it sounded okay though... but when I watched him perform sitting, I didn't feel his performance. It's like his eyes are blank, no emotion or connection to the song. I'd have to disagree with the comment the judges made about Paris singing Mary J Blige "Be With You", she did a fantastic version of the song. Well that was America's call... now we are all down to the top four namely Chris Daughtry, Elliot Yamin, Katharine Mcphee and Taylor Hicks. It's quite obvious that I'm a McPhee and Taylor fan. I hope they make it to the final three or better yet final two.

Update: Mp3s of American Idol 5


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