Friday, October 28, 2005

PBB Tidbits

Pinoy Big Brother has received tons of criticisms by its viewers and some conservatives. The show has been suspended once by the MTRCB and are currently facing a lot of controversies from the authenticity of the text votes, housemates audition, the host's "job fit" (Willie in particular), the PBB theme song rip off, just to name a few.

Amidst all of these controversies the show has improved a lot compared to PBB's first episodes but still not good enough to top the TV ratings. There are only 8 housemates left namely Jason, Nene, Say, Cass, Uma, Jenny, Franzen and Sam. I'd like Nene to win, she is a good team player, simple and talented. For those die-hard PBB fans out there I've posted Sam and Say's "Magmahal Muli" lyrics and a mp3 link. The link will be active for only 90 days. I'd be posting some mp3 links here from time to time but I'm still contemplating if I should dedicate a page solely for mp3 links that I'd like to share.

Tomorrow is the start of a long holiday for my little brother, his classes would resume by 7th of November. Sheesh... that's too long considering that we are not yet in good terms. Well actually I tried to patch things up but he is just one tough cookie. I'm able to use my other brothers' laptop but its not yet set up for broadband. My mom already has a tentative date as to when my dad is coming home with my oh so sweet brand new laptop, I'm just dreaming away till then.

This is it for now, here's the lyrics and enjoy the mp3.

Magmahal Muli
Composed by: Sam Milby
Translated in Filipino by: Jun Bob Dela Cruz
Sung by: Sam Milby & Say Yutadco

Umaasang magmamahal muli
Ang buong akala ko ay siya na
Kabiguan ang napala
Paghilom ng puso'y hindi madali
Ang malamang mahal mo'y
Walang pag-ibig sa iyo

ang umasang magmahal muli
Ang siyang magagawa
Huwag hanapin ang pag-ibig
Ito'y darating sayo

aking naranasan Ohh...
ang pagluha tulad ng sa ulan

Repeat Chorus

ang umasang magmahal muli
ang syang magagawa
huwag hanapin ang pag-ibig
ito'y darating...
ito'y darating ...
ito'y darating sayo
ito'y darating sayo

This link expires for 90 days, so for those who fancy this song just click the link below. Happy listening : )
Sam Milby & Say Yutadco- Magmahal Muli.mp3

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